Interactive Ticketing Kiosks: Making the Movies a Blast

December 16, 2016

The Interactive Ticket Kiosk

The ticket kiosk is a new way to dispense tickets more efficiently, saving costs, time, and resources through state of the art technology.

These kiosks are most often seen in event halls and movie theaters but can go anywhere a ticket needs to be sold. Here are some of the specs you might see on interactive ticketing kiosks:

  • Card reader
  • Ticket scanner
  • Ticket and receipt printer
  • A touch screen interface
  • Stereo speakers

The process is rather simple. You go to the kiosk, slide your card or insert cash, choose the show and time, and then get the ticket printed out. It can also check you into a theater by scanning the ticket. Easy to use and cuts down on waiting time.

Let’s focus in on a trip to see a movie. Here’s how ticketing kiosks help solve some serious issues at the movie theater.

interactive ticketing kiosks

You walk into the theater and see that the next showing of Finding Dory is in ten minutes and you gotta get in there pronto.


Seriously, you’re going to miss the most important part of the movie and then be lost for the entire duration of this award winning film.

interactive ticketing kiosk

Do you want to be late for this experience? I didn’t think so. Think fast! There’s a huge line forming by the ticket office and you didn’t think to order a ticket ahead of time. Now what?


There it is. Sweet solution of a kiosk blasting you with the technological innovation of a thousand suns.

This kiosk is sleek, it’s modern, and you’ve gotta poke that screen. It’s calling for you! It has all the specs (listed above) and it’s basically saying, “this line is way shorter”.

So you go to the kiosk, and even though you’ve never used one before, it’s easy to navigate. You just choose “buy a ticket” and then you select “Finding Dory @ 3:15PM”. Select, swipe, print.


You purchased the ticket, the kiosk might say “enjoy the show” in a cool monotone voice, and now you’re ahead of the game.


You’re lightning speed! You got your ticket so quickly, you might even be able to get popcorn from concessions so you can truly “enjoy the show”.


This is one of the many ways that self-service technology can really save the day, especially in a time crunch.

To learn more about the ticketing kiosk, click on the fine looking machine below!