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Self-Service Dog Parlor: SST’s are Even Helping Dogs!

February 7, 2017


You’re here because either

  1. You still have no idea what I’ve been writing about this whole time and you want to know what a self-service kiosk is or
  2. You just really love dogs

Both are totally cool reasons to be here. I would love to think it’s because you cherish these blog posts and you love my altruistic (definitely not ‘markety’) writing style, but that’s just not realistic. You’re here because you’re a curious innovator looking to suck up self-service tech knowledge like a sponge (and smile at pics of dogs). So let’s stop with all this mumbo jumbo and get onto the real business: self-service dog parlors.

reaction dog bath spa relaxed

This is another way to answer the question, “what is self-service technology?” Self-service dog parlors are a way for a dog owner to clean their pups professionally without a groomer. Usually, these are the steps:

 1.Bring your dog into the parlor and pay for the service (anywhere between $10-$20) which  usually includes shampoo, conditioner, towels, ear and eye wipes, brushes and combs, an apron              for you, and a complimentary blow dry. (This depends on the parlor)

dog walk


2. You got it, wash the dog!

dog girl yeah bath dirty


3. Off to the dryer so your pup can get fluffed up

corgi relaxing tvhttpwwwfacebookcomodinthepembrokecorgi


4. Give your pet a treat for being such a good pup

dog treat


Usually these parlors are a great solution for dogs that don’t generally like the groomers. A couple examples could be if your dog is a:


dog attack


Fraidy Cat

Cheezburger animals reactions dogs pug


Escape Artist

Cheezburger dog escape cage kennel


Hyper Hurricane

dog crazy bed hyper

Outdoor Dog



You may need to consider this option.
Sometimes, dogs just don’t like the groomer. It may help to have the owner groom them instead. Instead of trying to spray your dog outside or create a giant hairy mess in your bathtub, this is a more cost effective and minimum stress solution for grooming your dog. Self-service technology is innovating every day to improve efficiency and customer independence in every industry. If you’re looking for a furry friend, and live in NH, check out these shelters to adopt!

NH Humane Society

Salem Animal Rescue League

Manchester Animal Shelter

Animal Rescue League of NH