A hospital can be a confusing place for new visitors, patients, and family members alike. A patient check in kiosk can help put people at ease by providing information such as building directories, maps, patient room locations, visiting hours, hospital policies, or anything else that a healthcare organization may need to display to assist visitors during their stay. Our project consultants are experts in matching up your goals with the equipment you need, leading to a result that is beneficial to kiosk owner and the kiosk users.  Ask how we can integrate our kiosks with your current EMR software.

“This system allows us to streamline everything into one database that we can manage from anywhere. We intend to use our kiosks to their fullest intent.”

Michael Brockgreitens
Director of Materials Management
Southwestern Vermont Health Center

Benefits Self-Service Kiosks Can bring to Healthcare

  • Collect Valuable Data & Surveys
  • Better Education and Public Awareness
  • Wayfinding
  • Manage a Queue
  • Improve Patient Experience
  • Decrease Administrative Costs
  • Reduce Wait Times
  • Automate Application Processing
  • Immediate Check-In Validation
  • Patient & Visitor Management

Advanced Kiosks’ Features

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