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Marketing and retail companies were among the first to see the value of incorporating kiosks into their business goals. Advanced Kiosks has provided many marketers with turn-key kiosks, and customized software already installed for their specific needs. Our kiosk models deliver a powerful message through simplicity and ease of use for your customers. Educate your customers and reach out to your customers 24/7 with a kiosk.

“Advanced Kiosk is helping DKMS revolutionize bone marrow registration; our kiosks at the Concord YMCA and Manchester Harley-Davidson are already showing great results. Advanced Kiosks and Howard Horn have been great to work with and are helping us save lives.”

Michael Guglielmo
Coordinator at DKMS America

Benefits Self-Service Kiosks Bring to Retail & Marketing

  • Enhance Product Awareness
  • Provide Loyalty Card Sign-Up
  • Connect with Consumers
  • Increase Profitability
  • Generate Leads
  • Manage Product Campaigns
  • Advertise with Personalization 24/7
  • Online Purchasing at Location

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