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Pedestal Kiosk


P/N: H32-550-100

The Pedestal Kiosk is a touch screen kiosk that enhances any lobby, interactive exhibit, or open space in need of a modern touch. With its 46” horizontal, touch screen monitor, this interactive kiosk has been known to make a statement when providing information for visitors to your location. Because of this, the Pedestal Kiosk has been known to attract architects, developers, engineers, interior designers and others involved in the creation of new, exciting smart buildings and indoor spaces.


Interactive Touch Screen Building Directories:  Corporate office buildings, healthcare facilities & hospitals, colleges & universities, indoor shopping malls, museums, conference centers and other indoor spaces that are in need of a savvy digital solution.

Advertising & Marketing: An engaging way of displaying information, advertisements for partner businesses, events calendars, current promotions & specials, menus of food or services, videos & tours. Ideal for those in the hospitality industry, including hotels, casinos, restaurants and bars, cruise ships, airports, as well as indoor theme parks.

Interactive Exhibits: Increase visitor engagement at your museum (history, art, science, sport), library, hall of fame, gallery, zoo, aquarium, trade show, or any other indoor location that wishes to add touch screen technology to their visitors’ experience.

  • 46.0″ LCD Monitor
  • Dual point IR touch screen
  • Internal amplified stereo speakers
  • All steel construction
  • Powder coat finish – Silver or Black
  • Keyed access door
  • Wi-Fi with Hi-Gain antenna
  • Integrated Network Connection
  • Intel i3 3.2 GHz dual core processor
  • 4 Gb DDR4 memory
  • 120GB solid state drive
  • Compartmentalized assembly for easy maintenance


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Product Details


The Pedestal’s self-service capabilities free your staff from redundant tasks so they can continue to focus on their white glove customer service. The Pedestal kiosk was designed with the hospitality industry in mind. Although compatible with most PC software, you can get the most from the Pedestal Kiosk when combined with our own building directory application, LobbyAttendant™.




The Pedestal kiosk is the perfect addition to hotels, resorts, conference centers, corporate office buildings, and just about any other building that sees a lot of visitors and could use an additional resource to help welcome and direct them.

Use your front desk team to assist with higher levels of customer service, but for visitors who would like to find out where their event is, or to check in and receive a name tag, the Pedestal makes the self-service option the optimal choice. The Pedestal can also showcase local restaurants, taxi services and other businesses that would like to advertise at your place of business.

Have questions call one of our Self-Service kiosk Consultants and tell them what you are trying to do and they will advise you on how to get it done.

Additional Support Services

Additional Support services range from having phone and remote support, extended warranties, advanced replacement services

Battery Back-up

An option to keep your kiosk up and running while the power is out.

Computer Upgrades

Upgrade the computer from the standard dual-core processor, 2gb of ram, and Windows 7 to anything that is needed.

Graphic Laminate Options

Customize your kiosk with your company logo or design of your choice. We use cut vinyl for durability.

4G Internet Access

Connect your computer kiosk to the cellular data network. Sprint and Verizon plans available.

Monitor 46” Touch Screen

Aspect Ratio Aspect 16:9
Touch Technology Infrared Dual Point
Display Technology TFT LCD with LED backlight
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080


OS Windows 7 Pro / Windows 10 Pro
Processor Intel i3 3.2 GHz Dual Core
System Memory 4GB DDR4 2133 MHz
Graphics Intel HD Graphics
Storage Device 120GB Solid State Drive
Operating Temperature 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F)
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz Wireless N


Zamok® is the most advanced computer kiosk management software on the market today and the most affordable. The Zamok Foundation® software comes included on all kiosks we sell and the additional solutions are designed and sold as a Software as a Service (SaaS) where for a low monthly or yearly cost. You purchase what you need for when you need it. All Zamok® solutions are easy to use and adds value to your touch screen kiosks and takes little technical knowledge to get up and running. What does this means to you? No updates, no maintenance fees, no servers and one low cost. When you no longer need our solutions you can simply turn it off and stop paying for it.

Included Kiosk Software

We specialize in Windows OS software for managing computer kiosks and applications that interact with the kiosk users. All our software is professionally maintained and updated with revision control. For a list of all our software for interactive kiosks see our Windows Kiosk Software page.

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