get more done with these kiosk options

Kiosk Options

Options for your kiosks can add a great amount of value to your self service kiosk project. Some options below are specific to a kiosk model. Talk with one of our kiosk professionals today to learn about pricing, standard kiosk options, and what have done for other companies with similar needs. Also, if you are interested in an option not shown below we will work with you to design a solution that meets your needs.

Credit Card Reader – Scans 1,2,3 tracks, or any magnetic strip.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKiosk – Enviro – Countertop Transit Retail KioskTicketing Kiosk

Palm Scanner – Palm scanner captures the image of live veins in the palm, uniquely identifying and individual.  This is more secure than a finger print.

4G Internet Access – Connect your computer kiosk to the cellular data network. Sprint and Verizon plans available.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskEnviro LaserLobby EliteRetail KioskTransitTicketingCountertop

ADA Touch Pad – If you need an option to lower accessibility on the kiosk a touch pad is the perfect solution.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskRetail Kiosk

Additional Support Services – Additional Support services range from having phone and remote support, extended warranties, advanced replacement services.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskEnviro LaserLobby EliteRetail KioskTransitTicketingCountertop

Attached Side Table – Make the kiosk more aesthetically pleasing and more user friendly for the customer by adding a table for them to rest belongings on while the use the kiosk.
FreestandingRetail Kiosk

Bar Code Reader – Scans 1D bar codes be aware there are 1D and 2D barcodes. Tell us what you need.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskCountertop

Battery Back-Up – An option to keep your kiosk up and running while the power is out.

Cell Phone Charger – A cell phone charging tray that charges up to 5 USB devices or cell phones at a time. Our cell phone charging kiosk option charges at 3 amps, the maximum current for fast charging.

FreestandingCompact Power

Computer Upgrades – Upgrade the computer from the standard dual-core processor, 2gb of ram, and Windows 10 to anything that is needed.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskEnviro LaserLobby EliteRetail KioskTransitTicketingCountertop

Credit Card / Magnetic Strip Reader – Scans the magnetic strip found on a credit or user card.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskRetail KioskTransitTicketingCountertop

Custom Design – If you need a one of a kind solution give us a call to discuss your self service project idea and we will work with you to design the solution that meets your needs.
Custom KiosksCustom Software

Document Scanner – It scans documents, uploads to any email of your choosing.

Extra Printer Paper Tray – Adds an additional 500 sheets of paper to the printer

Graphic Laminate – Customize your kiosk with your company logo or design of your choice. We use cut vinyl for durability.
FreestandingDocumentiKioskRetail KioskTransitTicketingEnviroLaser

Hi-Density, 4.3 Wide Thermal Printer – Provides fast and wide receipts for any need.

ID Readers – ID scanners capture information from ID cards, and input the user information into a database.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskEnviro Retail KioskTransitTicketingCountertop

Kiosk Keyboard – (multi-language) Need an Arabic or Asian Keyboard. These are also available in touch screen keyboards.
FreestandingDocument –  TransitCompact Power

Kiosk Colors – Choose any RAL color code to match your kiosks’ environment. We use powder paint for low environmental impact.

Label Printer – Print adhesive labels for any event.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskTransitCountertop

Passport Reader – Scan passport image and export text data to the appropriate fields of a database or form.

Physical Keyboard – An external keyboard for kiosks that need a lot of user input. Includes a 2-inch diameter trackball.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PowerTransit

Privacy Filter – Apply a privacy filter to your kiosk monitor to enhance security and privacy. The monitor contents are blurred when seen at indirect angles.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PowerTransitCountertop

QR Code Reader – The QR Code readers we sell will read 1D and 2D barcodes as well as QR codes.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskRetail KioskTransitTicketingCountertop

Receipt Printer – Prints receipt 3-4 inches wide
FreestandingDocumentiKioskRetail KioskTransitTicketing

Second Touchscreen – Add another monitor and get double the value.

Setup Services – Have a professional service set up your kiosk and install.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskEnviro LaserLobby EliteRetail KioskTransitTicketingCountertop

Signature Pad – Well signature pad is not a reader but it works like one and will record the customers’ signature.

Sunlight Readable Monitor – Upgrade to a monitor that has a self adjusting sensor that allows you to see the monitor in direct sunlight.

Thermal Printer 8.5″ Wide Roll – Thermal Printer 8.5″ wide, with a continuous roll of paper.

Ticket Printer – Print tickets for any event.

Touchscreen Upgrade to Multi-Touch – Turn you dual touch into a multi touch screen and allow even more possibilities.
iKioskLobby EliteRetail KioskTicketingCountertop

Tempered Glass  – ¼ thick Lexan in front of the monitor for kiosks in high-risk areas without supervision.
iKioskTransit -Lobby Elite

Vend III Card Reader – Accept all Credit Cards, Pin and Chip Cards, Smart Pay Phones.
FreestandingRetail KioskTransitTicketing

VoIP Handset – A payphone quality handset with switching technology, as soon as the handset is lifted from the cradle the speaker are turned off giving the kiosk user privacy.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskTransitCountertop

Web Camera – We offer a minimum of 720p 5pixel web camera, higher pixel options available.
FreestandingDocumentCompact PoweriKioskLaserLobby EliteRetail KioskTransitTicketingCountertop

Wheels – Attach wheels for easily moving your kiosk to where you need it, a favorite on the FreeStanding Kiosk.

Questions on any of the listed options above?

Get a more in depth understanding on how these options work by contacting a sales rep.  If you need something that you don’t see, inquire and find out how we implement it in a kiosk.