Advanced Kiosks History


Advanced Kiosks has been a leader and innovator in the self-service computer kiosk industry for over 15 years. Advanced Kiosks history began with the establishment H32 Design and Development (H32), which was started in February of 2000 by the President and Founder, Howard Horn.

In 2003, because of the demand, the company started designing computer kiosks. Eventually, the primary focus became the self-service computer kiosk market, and we created the dba Advanced Kiosks.


Howard Horn Builds His Garage

Howard Horn II builds a garage with a cellar office at his home in Wilmot NH.

This would soon become the first work space for his engineering projects and eventual company.


H32 is Born

Howard Horn II starts the engineering company H32 Design & Development LLC to make custom laboratory equipment for researchers.

This labor of love was launched with the helpful assistance of Howard's two young sons.


Contract with AT&T

Two years later, H32 designs a kiosk for CMD Industries to fulfill a contract with AT&T. This was a large order and a real game changer for the company.


Introduces, the iKiosk

H32 designs their first product on spec, the iKiosk.

Offered in 10 standard colors, this 5'7" tall and sleek interactive kiosk is fully equipped with a 32" touch screen monitor, amplified stereo speakers, and a fast processor.

The iKiosk is an interactive kiosk model that is still popular today.

Shown right is a younger Howard Horn using a taller, customized version of the iKiosk.


MBTA Kiosk Project

H32 wins MBTA self service kiosk project for computer kiosk install.

This demanding project inspired the design of the first Transit Kiosk model.

Ideal for high risk locations such as subway stations, outdoor public venues, jail or corrections. Nothing can compare in quality, performance or durability to the Transit Kiosk.


Advanced Kiosks is Born

The demand for self service technology was apparent by this point and we really knew how to do it well.

Advanced Kiosks was created to service this market to the fullest.


The Freestanding Kiosk

The elegant and distinct Freestanding Kiosk is introduced. The most flexible, functional kiosk machine on the market then, and today!

A popular and versatile choice for dozens of industries. Explore the sleek Freestanding Kiosk.


The Compact Power Kiosk

Advanced Kiosks launches the Compact Power Kiosk, the only ADA compliant kiosk on the market that is less than 3.0 inches thick.

This was the first wall mounted kiosk design for the company. Explore the Compact Power Kiosk.


For Outdoor Use, the Enviro Kiosk

The first outdoor kiosk, the Enviro. Designed for extreme climates - from dry harsh and hot deserts to the frozen, windy and bitter winters.

Advanced kiosks introduces Lobby AttendantĀ® software and begins to provide their own kiosk software.


Kiosk Software Development begins

The introduction of Lobby AttendantĀ® software was the beginning of the kiosk software development division.

Years of experience with kiosk customer needs compelled our engineers to evolve in this area. This is ultimately is what sets us apart from the rest.


The Document Kiosk

To meet the needs of HR departments and educational institutions, Advanced Kiosks launches the Document Kiosk. Complete with a built in laser printer, USB ports, and amplified stereo speakers.

Explore the self service Document Kiosk.


Massachusetts Fallen Heroes

Massachusetts Fallen Heroes memorial project was developed specifically to honor our deceased military heroes and provide an elegant interactive memorial to highlight each individual and group.


Kerberos Security Software

Advanced Kiosks' first security lock down software, Kerberos is released.

This coincided with all standard kiosk warranties being increased to 3 years! This is still unmatched in the kiosk industry.


New York Fire Department Project

The New York Fire Department installed several interactive computer kiosks loaded with games, tips and video as a part of the "Fire Smart" fire safety education campaign.

The self-service kiosks are used to share fire prevention and safety lessons with the public.


Zamok Software is Introduced

The new Zamok software replaces Kerberos.

Zamok provides the foundation of the kiosk system and makes controlling the kiosks and integration with other software or web content easy to do. Read more about the Zamok Foundation.


State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services

Advanced Kiosks wins the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services contract which included 60 kiosks and a 4 year contract to maintain and support all equipment.


GSA Contract Approval!

With a growing presence in the government sector, the Advanced Kiosks team achieved all required benchmarks and compliance demands to become a certified vendor for government contracts as part of the GSA Advantage program.

We now have kiosk solutions in place for dozens of state, local and federal government agencies.


Move to Concord

In May of 2018 Advanced Kiosks expanded manufacturing capacity and moved the entire operation to the Concord NH location!

A very exciting time for the company as the need to deliver large orders increases and the demand for top talent surges.