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Made in The USA: What Makes an American Kiosk?

December 7, 2016

American Kiosk

American Kiosk

In order to be qualified as a “Made in USA” product, the product must comply with the following:

  • Product made in the USA
  • Must say if all the products are from the USA or if the parts are foreign
  • Produced, created, and manufactured in the USA
  • Identify differences between “assembled” in the USA and completely “Made in USA”

If you are a business looking to verify whether your product qualifies as a “Made in USA” product, click here to look at the Federal Trade Commissions’ standards.

An American Kiosk follows all the FTC regulations and still runs at a quality equal to a Foreign Kiosk. Made in USA projects are important because they preserve our environment, careers, and domestic economy. In this country we have a problem where we are outsourcing our own jobs rather than making products here in the USA, which helps to keep an internal cycle of currency.


  • In person communication
  • Federally regulated
  • Pollution Control
  • Less Complicated Shipping
  • Increased Job Opportunity


Price- It costs more to make products in the USA because we pay our workers a better wage than China, so I’m not sure it’s a true “con”, because the higher price you’re paying pays for a decent standard of living for the person who made the product.

Statistics about Made in USA / exported computer products

  • Computer and electronic products made in the USA employ 16% more engineers, resulting in dynamic and innovative designs.
  • $241B outsourced on electronics during the 2014 deficit, causing a lack of employed people to create electronics Made in USA.
  • Computer and electronic manufacturing shipments = $339.4B in 2012.

If you are looking specifically for a kiosk that’s Made in the USA, there a quite a few options ranging from parts, assembly, and 100% made in the USA. Buying products from the USA is efficient, eco-friendly, and promotes job creation in the USA. To find out about our Made in the USA products, click here



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