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Check-in Kiosks: How They Can Actually Save Your Life

November 2, 2016


Check-in Kiosks are devices that make checking into any building much easier.

It is used most often at doctor’s offices, DMV, and airports. They can be used to clock-in, check in for an appointment or flight, or confirm that you dropped your kid off to preschool. Check-in kiosks are often paired up with queuing software so that once you check-in, if it’s applicable, you can see if you are next in line for the appointment.

Okay so you bought a ticket to see the Cubs win the World Series, at the Progressive Field, in Cleveland, Ohio, because you’re a massive Cubs fan.

cubs fan


You also live in California so you decided you should buy a plane ticket to get there. So you go to the airport and there’s these computer kiosks scattered across the check-in area. They are everywhere.

check-in kiosk


The line to check-in at the counter is really long and there’s a man picking his nose at the end of the line. Gross.


nose picker


So you walk up to this “kiosk” thing and hope for the best.




 Click check-in, scan your ticket, and give the kiosk some information and “boom” you’re good to go through the baggage check line.




Look behind you, and that guy is still standing in the same spot, still picking his nose. You definitely dodged a bullet on that one.


check-in kiosks


You got all the way to Progressive Field, and you watched the Cubs win their first World Series since 1908.




It’s a small situation like this that make check-in kiosks a time saver (and potential life saver).


check-in kiosks

So overall, what are the benefits of Check-in kiosks?

  • Time-efficient
  • Economic
  • Convenient
  • Organized
  • Self-Service based

Where can I get one?

While there are many options if you search the interwebs, we have many kiosk models options that are available here.

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