ensuring adoption

Ensuring Adoption: How to Help Customers Try Self-Service Technology

December 7, 2016

Ensuring Adoption

It’s pretty common for people to be reluctant to change. I know, super surprising. People really don’t like it, mostly because they don’t understand it.

They don’t know how to use the kiosk, they think the kiosk is difficult to manage, and they don’t want to change their daily schedule. I get it, truly. The first time I saw the self-serve checkout at the grocery store, I froze. I was sweating, and scared. Should I wait in the long line, or should I try this crazy new contraption? Will this be difficult to figure out? Luckily, the  store I was in followed this standard protocol for implementing self-service technology, which made the initial interaction easy and quick. 

  1. Put a real life person by the kiosk

If you put a real person by the kiosks it shows that if you need help someone will be there to save you. Secondly, it shows that kiosks are not taking jobs. They’re actually just a support system meant to make the employee’s job easier. That person can also show the customer step by step how the kiosk is used so they can see it’s really not all that complicated.

ensuring adoption

  1. Put up signs or advertisements

The signs can show step by step use of the kiosk, smiling faces of people using a kiosk, a video of a person explaining why self-service technology is useful and efficient, etc. Help the customers see the difference self-service technology can make.


ensuring adoption

  1. Give rewards

You can create incentives to use the kiosk (aside from the shorter wait time) coupons, discounts, a quick thank you as they leave the store, etc. Small incentives cost the company very little while making a huge positive impact on the user satisfaction. That might make the difference when it comes to asking people to change their schedule and try something different.



  1. Information

Most of all, inform your customers. In addition, you should treat them like you would an employee during their training. Follow that simple model and you should have a successful adoption of self-service technology. You could give information verbally, via e-mail, over the phone, with info sheets, etc. Promote your kiosks on your website and social media platforms. Any way you can share information about the kiosk.



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