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Marketing and retail companies were among the first to see the value of incorporating interactive kiosks into their business goals. Advanced Kiosks has provided many marketers with turn-key kiosks, and customized software already installed for their specific needs. Our kiosk models deliver a powerful message through simplicity and ease of use for your customers. Educate your customers and reach out to them 24/7 with an engaging interactive kiosk.
All Advanced Kiosks models are easily configured to display any web site or web based content you choose. With an internal Windows operating system, local applications and files can also be presented to the user with complete control over what they see and access. Our kiosk designs are sleek and modern with a variety of models and styles to choose from. Custom colors and graphics are available to match to match your logo, brand and messaging.

Benefits Kiosks Bring to Retail & Marketing

  • Promote Product Awareness
  • Provide Loyalty Program Sign-Ups
  • Engage Audiences at Trade Shows and Events
  • Connect with Consumers
  • Increase Profitability
  • Generate Leads
  • Manage Product Campaigns
  • Advertise with Personalization 24/7
  • Self Service Purchasing at Location
  • Expand Creativity with Contests and Interactive Tools

Today’s consumers are screen oriented and are instinctively drawn to messaging and invitation when presented on a big screen. The options are limitless!



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