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Retail & Marketing

Retail and Marketing Kiosks

Marketing and retail companies are embracing the value of interactive kiosks for achieving business goals. The interactive kiosk has become the ultimate force multiplier for food service, retail, movie theaters, and other high traffic sales settings. Marketing teams can easily deliver a powerful message with simplicity, 24/7 with an engaging interactive kiosk.


Common Uses

  • Self Service Checkout
  • Custom Order Placement
  • Promotions and Offers
  • Registration and Sign-ups
  • Product Location and Pricing
  • Trade Shows and Events


  • Provide Customer Service 24/7
  • Sell from Expanded Inventory
  • Attract and Engage
  • Capture Leads and Contacts
  • Reduce Staffing Demands
  • Harvest Valuable Customer Data

Retail and Marketing Software

We work with what you already use!

For Retail customer service applications there is a wide variety of software and content on the market designed to enhance self service and provide integrated functionality. Advanced Kiosks hardware integrates seamlessly with most major software providers as well as virtually any web based content or windows applications.

For Marketing tasks, the options are endless. Combine content such as video, surveys, event promotion, registration or software demonstration.

Contact us for details about integrating with your existing software systems and learn more about what Advanced Kiosks custom solutions can deliver for your retail or marketing project needs.

Advanced Kiosks Software

What comes inside!

Every kiosk that we ship now comes pre-installed with our ZAMOK kiosk management software to get you up and running quickly and provide you critical features such as:

And much more!


Additional software products

The possibilities are endless! Our engineers have developed dozens of solutions to meet the growing demands and we offer custom developed solutions for large scale projects as well.

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