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Student Kiosks

K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities nationwide are adopting self service student kiosk solutions to provide helpful services to students and faculty.

Our quality kiosks are modern, durable and versatile, designed to handle growing demands!


Common Uses

  • Printing & Scanning Stations
  • Meal Plan Payments
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Registration and Sign-ups
  • Event Promotion
  • Campus Wayfinding and Mapping

School Benefits

  • Increase Student Retention
  • Decrease Staff Demands
  • 24/7 Access Convenience
  • Promote Engagement
  • Eliminate Wait Times
  • Event Awareness

Student Information & School Software

We work with what you already use!

For the education industry, major software providers cater specifically to the needs and challenges of managing student information, campus tasks, school programs and operations.

Advanced Kiosks integrates seamlessly with most school software providers as well as virtually any web based content or windows applications.

School Management Software:

These are just a few of the major vendors providing software solutions to K-12 schools, colleges and universities today. Contact us for details about integrating with your existing school management software. If you do not yet have school management software, reach out to the vendors listed above to start exploring your options.

Advanced Kiosks Software

What comes inside!

With each kiosk that we manufacture and ship, a wealth of included software is already pre-installed to make it easy for you to administrate as many kiosks as needed and perform a number of critical tasks including:


More add-on software options:

Zamok Home Page Solution

Create a custom interface for your users in minutes using the easy drag and drop tools with our Home Page Solution, no technical skill required!

The possibilities are endless! Our engineers have developed dozens of solutions to meet the growing demands and we offer custom developed solutions for large scale projects as well.

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