Integrated Kiosk Solutions


Kiosk IntegrationAdvanced Kiosks’ engineers are experts in kiosk integration.

We work with your third party software and hardware peripherals to create the best integrated kiosk solution for you. This lets you make the most of your new kiosk while using the tools you already have!

  • Third Party Software
  • Databases and CRMs
  • APIs
  • Web Content
  • Intranets
  • Input or Output Devices

Third Party Software

Advanced Kiosks will work with your third party API so that your project will integrate with your kiosk. We understand that you may use third party software, such as accounting systems, databases, credit card processing, office applications, wayfinding and much more.  That is why our team has skilled, in-house software engineers to work with your providers’ APIs. This allows you to use your kiosk to its full potential.

Input / Output / External Devices

Advanced Kiosks’ hardware and software is made to support dozens of different external devices. This includes everything from ticket printers to thumbprint scanners. We also offer a wide variety of standard options and can take care of most custom requests.

Every project is different and your kiosk integration needs may be very specific. For this reason we have an experienced team of electrical and mechanical engineers as well as software developers to handle virtually any custom hardware integration needs.

Common examples include: printers, scanners, cameras, touch pads, payment devices, proximity devices and much more. Call today to discuss your specific application needs.


If you want to serve up real-time video chat, voice over IP, proximity responses and more to your kiosk users, Advanced Kiosks will work with you to integrate the most efficient method of communication for your customers and end users.


We know that some projects will require our kiosk software to directly access and communicate with other applications. The Advanced Kiosks software development team can provide API integration services and will work with you from discovery to implementation on your custom project.



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