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Kiosk Project Evaluation Tool – Making Sure that You Succeed

Your time is TOO VALUABLE. Seriously, when it comes to knowing if you are making good decisions about your kiosk project or some other type of self-service tech, you just don’t have the time to guess.

Every self service technology project is different and requires information, assessment and planning. Tools like the Kiosk Project Evaluation Tool will make your life easier in the process and hopefully contribute to the best end result possible!

That is why you should download our exclusive (and free)


project evaluation tool

With years of experience working with clients from all sorts of backgrounds, we understand the makings of a successful project when we see it.

This tool is our way of passing a bit of this insight on to you.

After answering a few questions concerning your prospective self-service project, a GRADE will be presented that indicates how well it will fit with self-service technology.  After that, it will give some points to consider based on your answers.

Enjoy and best of luck with your project!

*Microsoft Excel Required*


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