Kiosk Software: Free Software Manufacturers Should Include

February 8, 2016

When considering an interactive kiosk project there are two main areas that you must put the most thought into. These two areas involve the kiosk hardware and the kiosk software. Consideration around how the hardware and software will work together, and what functionalities you need, should be well thought out before you choose a kiosk company. There is an assumption that by selecting the type of kiosk, with all of the bells and whistles you need, that it will function the way you want it to. We educate people daily on the relationship between the hardware and the software that make up your complete interactive kiosk solution.

What kiosk software will power your interactive kiosk?

When you purchase an interactive kiosk, we believe that each one should be powered by kiosk software that performs specific key functions; these specific types of software should be included with every kiosk for free. If your kiosk manufacturer is only providing you with the hardware, you should reconsider that manufacturer. An interactive kiosk is not just a computer in a metal shell. Interactive kiosks exist to save you time, money, stress, and also to increase your organization’s productivity as a whole but removing tasks that can be automated. Because of this, we want you to understand that you need included kiosk management software to make solutions that are easy-to-use for both you as well as your visitors. You will also want to make sure that the manufacturer you select includes a quick start and product manuals. We know that our kiosks are easy to set up and use, but we also want to make sure that you have the information on hand to refer to with any questions that arise. That being said, on to the kiosk software!

Zamok Foundation is what we call our included kiosk management software. This is an important type of software that you need to have a safe, secure experience for the visitors using your kiosks as well as your kiosk administrators. It is imperative that you lock down the kiosk to protect it from system tampering. This allows you to have full control over how your visitors use the kiosks. Zamok Foundation also ensures that the administrator’s settings and files are protected and not accessible by hackers or anyone trying to tamper with the kiosk. Quite frankly, they aren’t able to mess with the interactive kiosks because Zamok Foundation locks them down and protects the information. You have complete control and you guide the user’s experience. All kiosk manufacturers need to include this type of software, for free, with every kiosk purchase, but many do not.  The ability to lock down your kiosks should be a non-negotiable when deciding on a kiosk manufacturer.

Another included kiosk software product would be a touch screen keyboard. Ours is called One Finger. Touch screen technology has evolved drastically over the years and interactive kiosks should be…well…interactive! It is wise to have an actual hardware keyboard, however over the years people have been adopting touch screens on their smart phones, their tablets and even their personal computers. We want your kiosk to have a touch screen keyboard so we give you the software to run one with every kiosk purchase. This may not be as necessary a feature as Zamok Foundation is, but we still feel strongly that a touch screen keyboard should be free. We believe this so strongly that we give away the One Finger touch screen keyboard to anyone who would like it. You can contact us for a link to download this for free.

The next kiosk software product that should be included with every kiosk is one that we all use every day in various software programs – an undo button! We equip your kiosk with Redo Restore which we like to consider “the undo button for your kiosk”. People make mistakes. To quote Alexander Pope, “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” We have you covered when it comes to making sure you can undo mistakes that may happen on the administrative end. Redo Restore will set your kiosk up just it is brand new, fresh out of the crate. Make sure when you select a manufacturer that they have this important kiosk software product included with your purchase.



Kiosk software should protect the administrators and the kiosk visitors, but it should also protect the earth. We only have one planet at this time and we believe in protecting it whenever possible. That being said, interactive kiosks should only run when you want them to, conserving energy while saving you electricity costs. Our kiosk software product that does this is called GreenTimer. The way this works is you set up a schedule for when your kiosks are awake and for when your kiosks are asleep. Using a program like GreenTimer will also prolong the life of your kiosks by ensuring they only operate when you need them to. GreenTime also performs some basic maintenance on the kiosks daily. When your kiosks come back on there is an option to reboot and then start up Zamok and other programs. This clears the cache and keeps your system running fast. Without this, it is only a matter of weeks before your system locks up. If you aren’t able to allow your kiosks to hibernate when you want, this will cost you in more ways than one.

Although the next software product wasn’t developed by us, we still install it on every kiosk we sell. It’s called TeamViewer and if you need us to, it allows us to provide remote support to your kiosks even if we are 3,000 miles away. Once you receive your kiosks, we will help you remotely, through TeamViewer, with any needs you may have for the first 30 days. If you purchase advanced support, we will use TeamViewer whenever you need us to. Being able to remotely access your kiosks ensures you are covered if you need any real time help.

The final kiosk software product that all manufacturers should include with your kiosks is kiosk surveillance. We call our program Uncrashable and it will alert you if there are any challenges with your kiosks. You have options in terms of the levels of surveillance you may require, and you can set Uncrashable up to meet your specific needs. This program will restart the kiosks, if need be, and alert you right away about any malfunctions. You can rest easy knowing that your kiosks are running when you need them to be and you can work on addressing any challenges right away. Who has time to constantly monitor their interactive kiosks? No one. And with this type of kiosk software, you don’t have to.

To recap, the free kiosk software that we believe every kiosk manufacturer should include would be:

  • Software that locks down the kiosks.
  • Software that creates a touch screen keyboard.
  • Software that can restore your interactive kiosks to factory settings.
  • Software that allows you to determine what hours your kiosks will be available for use.
  • Software that allows your manufacturer to provide remote support to your kiosks.
  • Software that conducts surveillance on your kiosks and alerts you if there are any problems with your kiosks.

When selecting a kiosk manufacturer please make sure you ask what software will be included with every kiosk. If the answer is, “None”, you will want to research additional manufacturers. With an interactive kiosk project you have to remember that you are looking for both form, and function.



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