Types of Kiosk Software and How It Helps Your Kiosk

October 28, 2016

Kiosk Software

Kiosk software is used to control certain aspects of your kiosk so that it is most compatible with its purpose in your business. Depending on your needs, kiosk software can restrict browsers, control blogging, create a calendar, provide front desk services, build queues, control sleep mode, prevent crashing, and much more. Here are the types of kiosk software and how it can help your kiosk.

There are two major types of software available:

  • Off the Counter – Pre-made software that is either plug-and-play or further configured by the kiosk owner. 
  • Custom – Software built for a specific organization and purpose.  This type can be more expensive but may lead to an interface better suited for certain needs. 

At Advanced Kiosks, our software is considered “Off the Counter”, but can be adapted to the customer needs and preferences. In addition, our software is Windows 10 compatible, making the software versatile and easy to use.

What software do you need?

Browser Lock down – Restricts user to a single website that the purchaser designates.

Do you remember what happened when they gave NYC unrestricted internet access on digital display kiosks? Avoid PR nightmares and ensure you restrict the users of the kiosk to the websites or applications that you want them to navigate.










Events Calendar – Show & Share community events.

Rather than grabbing a printed calendar with tentative dates and no contact information, you can use this software on the kiosk or through a mobile application to view updated event dates, schedule appointments, and sync up to other schedules. Don’t ever miss another Beyonce concert again, you Flawless person you.









Building Directory Software– Used on lobby service kiosks, serves as a “virtual front desk” and information portal

The lobby can be considered the ‘face’ of a business or organization.  Why not make sure you are putting your best foot forward with an interactive building directory? This software can provide building wayfinding, web calling services, event check-in, and other information such as relevant web-links and local weather.


kiosk software







Queuing Software– Used for registration of customers, “ticketed deli line” type process, gives information, adds customer to queue, moderates list

You’re at the grocery store and you want a pound of cheese but there’s, like, a lot of other people crowding around the counter like ravenous pigeons. You don’t want to wait there. You should go to the queuing kiosk and put in your information so that you can leave that crowded mess, go find the other items on your list, and come back when you’re next in line. Hence the reason why queuing software was designed; to make waiting in line a little more convenient. 









Energy Conservation– Designates wake and sleep settings on kiosk, energy efficient software option

Think about what happens when you accidentally leave your computer on for days at a time. It slows down, is less energy-efficient, and ruins the battery. Seeing as our kiosks are computers too, leaving them on all the time has a similar effect. Instead of having your kiosk overheat or worse, crash, you can use a form of scheduled shut-down software. This will give you a sleep mode option that will shut the kiosk down when not in use for long periods of time.


kiosk software









System Recovery – Prevents software from crashing, helps to recover custom kiosk profiles

That same computer (mentioned earlier) is starting to slow down significantly. Now your computer has crashed, and you’re sad because of it. You can’t look at pictures of cats as quickly as you used to. Well, kiosks crash too, and that’s why we have “Re-do Restore” software exists. To make sure that even if your kiosk starts to have issues, it will shutdown, reload a saved hard drive image, and continue service as usual. We also have software called, “Uncrashable” that notices the error and sends a notification to the system administrator.




If you don’t believe me, look at this quote 

“The key to happiness is kiosk software”



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