Get the most out of your kiosk

Every interactive kiosk requires kiosk software to manage the user experience. If you are simply locking your kiosk down to a web page, or running a basic self-service application,  Advanced Kiosks has developed something for your every need.  Advanced Kiosks has been creating software for self-service kiosks, as well as custom kiosk software and interfaces for almost a decade. We specialize in Windows OS software for managing computer kiosks and the applications that interact with the kiosk users.  All of our kiosk software is actively maintained and updated with revision control. For a list of all our software for interactive kiosks see our Windows Kiosk Software page.




Fallen Heroes is an interactive kiosk memorial created to honor our deceased military heroes and provide an elegant interactive memorial to highlight each individual and group. The Fallen Heroes software interface is easily customized to accommodate any branch of service, group colors, branding or logos. The Advanced Kiosks built in software allows the user to easily administrate and update the content as needed.

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Zamok® is the most advanced computer kiosk management software on the market today and the most affordable. The Zamok Foundation® software comes included on all kiosks we sell and the additional solutions are designed and sold as a Software as a Service (SaaS) for a low monthly or yearly cost. You purchase what you need for when you need it. All Zamok® solutions are easy to use and add value to your touch screen kiosks while taking minimal technical knowledge to get up and running. What does this mean to you? No updates, no maintenance fees, no servers and one low cost. When you no longer need our solutions you can simply turn it off and stop paying for it.

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Enhance your lobby with Lobby Attendant®, our way-finding and building directory software. It's easy to get started. Choose a base template from our library for the look and layout of your interface, add a picture and your company logo for a custom look, customize maps of your building or campus, upload your departments and personal information and you're up and running.

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This event calendar software is an easy-to-use web application that aggregates event information synced from hundreds of calendars. It quickly shows the public the depth and breadth of all an organization has to offer.

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Qline is a queuing management kiosk software designed for self serve check-in, processing and data gathering. Qline checks-in visitors, sets them up in a queue and provides a display section to let them know where they stand in the wait.

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Included Software

TeamViewer Software

In addition to our 3 year warranty, Advanced Kiosks offers the ability to provide remote support to our customer’s kiosks by use of TeamViewer software and an internet connection. Advanced Kiosks technical support will use Team Viewer to help you get started for the first 30 days of ownership or for as long as you have advanced support.

Redo Restore Software

Redo Restore is an easy-to-use computer software application designed to recover your computer kiosk from disaster. Redo Restore will recovered your system to the original settings should it fall prey to a virus, malicious attack, or even an accidently deleted core file. We now supply Redo Restore with every order on a flash drive.

One Finger, Touch Screen Keyboard

The One Finger touch screen keyboard is easy to install and set up, and is fun to use. This keyboard is the perfect touch screen application for any interactive kiosk with many features. It is the only touch-screen keyboard that has different designs to choose from and can speak whatever is typed, can be shrunk and expanded.

Uncrashable Software

Uncrashable is surveillance for your kiosk’s computer. This is an easy-to-use; self-monitoring program alerts the administrator of any malfunction. If the application locks up, Uncrashable immediately restarts the program and automatically sends a notification email to the administrator. Uncrashable will restart the kiosk’s computer if needed and the administrator can set the level of surveillance they need.

GreenTimer Software

The GreenTimer is an eco-friendly kiosk management software designed and developed by the team at Advanced Kiosks to help conserve energy, save you money and extend the life of your equipment. Start scheduling your hibernate-and-wake schedule in just a few minutes. This kiosk software is easy to use and can be set up for a different schedule every day of the week and holidays too.