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Events Crier is an online event calendar that enables every department, group, club to link their iCalendars and showcase all the events going on in your area, business, court or university.  Each event uses the information uploaded on the iCalendar and displays the location, time, and contact information all on the easy-to-use interface.

This event calendar software is an easy-to-use web application that aggregates event information synced from hundreds of calendars. It quickly shows the public the depth and breadth of all an organization has to offer.

Do your customers, visitors and staff know all the events going on today? Do they have one place where they can see every event going on this week? Can they get all this information on their phones? Now they can, with Events Crier!

Features & Benefits

  • Your events organized into one easy to use interface
  • Advertise a variety of calendars with one program
  • A mobile app to view events on-the-go
  • Automatically sync hundreds of calendars
  • Easy-to-use interface includes a search button and hot buttons for highlighting events.
  • Cloud based for easy set-up and maintenance.


Events Crier runs on any internet browser and does not require management software, but the real beauty of the application is how it unifies an area without creating more work for anyone. Events Crier online event calendar integrates all the calendars into an attractive, user-friendly interface to be browsed by date and/or department.


events crier video image


The organization of the homepage was designed in order for users to quickly and simply find events that they would have interest in.  Users are able to look for events happening on a certain day or by using keywords or categories.


In the center of the homepage, a 5-day forecast is shown.  The days are clickable and direct the user to all events that are occurring on the day clicked.  A blue bar along the bottom of each date shows how many events are happening on that day.


The list of calendar groups at the top are also clickable.  The buttons direct the user to event listings that are made by that specific department and are organized by date and time.  The arrow keys alongside this list let the user scroll through the different department to find something that interests them.


At the bottom of the screen, there are three customizable buttons.  These can be linked to calendar events or outside web pages.  That way, events can be promoted or users can be directed back to an organization’s website.  The buttons can also be linked to a predefined search, which uses a keyword that is chosen by the administrator and all events are filtered using that keyword.

events-crier-selected-dayThe user is given an option to click on a date to see all of the events that happen on that day, or to click on a calendar at the top to see the events being hosted by that department.  All events are displayed in chronological order with a short description


The view by date is designed to help the use view events by day, displaying all department calendars. All the events are displayed in chronological order with a short description of the event, it’s location and time.


The organization and department that is hosting the event is shown on the left of the event description. When touched, the user will be brought to that specific organization’s calendar. Only the events of that group calendar will be displayed.

On the main screen, if a calendar is clicked at the top, the user is directed to all of the dates on that current day being hosted by that group.  Using the small calendar on the left



When a user clicks on an event they are brought to the event screen. The time, location, description, contact information is all synced from the iCalendar uploaded.  It also shows which department calendar it falls under.


Users can save the event page to their phone or they can click the mobile version button on the event page and save that event to their mobile device.  All events are display the option to share to Twitter or Facebook.


Events Crier is mobile friendly and can be accessed via smartphone from a QR code placed on the Events Crier interface. Visitors are able to browse and save events to their phone with the mobile version.

Every event and department calendar is equipped with a QR code for convenience.


Download the Events Crier brochure with our contact information and let us know if you have any questions, or would like to request a quote




What is Events Crier?

Most organizations reach out to customers, students and visitors with various events such as; community engagement, classes, seminars, open houses, charities, luncheons, and many other ways to get involved with customers to promote the company or products. Events Crier automatically pulls together events from all your calendars and displays them in an engaging interface that increases awareness and event attendance. Easy set-up, no maintenance and an intuitive touch screen layout that can be fully customized makes Events Crier is a great tool for reaching your audience.

What comes with Events Crier?

Events Crier includes a selection of stock imagery for backgrounds and calendar images. An easy-to-follow manual that includes screenshots and imagery for easy set-up. A small quarter-page pamphlet template is also included to help you get the word out about your Events Crier event calendar software to your students, members, residents and customers. Add your QR code, link to your Events Crier and highlight the mobile feature available with social media sharing. A marketing kit including email templates are also included.

What is iCal?

iCalendar, often referred to as iCal, is a standard internet calendar format that enables users to create and share electronic calendars across different computers and different programs. Some examples of iCal are Yahoo and Google calendars.

How many calendars can be synced to the calendar? Is there a limit?

You can sync hundreds of calendars with Events Crier! There is no limit to the amount of calendars that can be synced.

What maintenance is required?

When you input events into your ical these are automatically uploaded into Events Crier. There is no extra step to providing event promotion with Events Crier.

What can be customized?

The company logo can be added at the top left corner of the home page, your welcome statement and background imagery can be customized and selected for various group calendars, events, home page and all events page. In each event you can add contact information, web links, location, time and details.

What are the buttons on the bottom of the interface?

The buttons at the bottom of the interface are hot buttons where you can choose different sponsored links to add here, keyword filtering (popular sports teams based on time of the year), and particular calendars.

How do I regulate what is being added in calendars?

Appoint an administrator for each organization calendar and reinforce this by adding negative keywords to filter out anything that may go by unnoticed.

Are previous calendar days stored anywhere if I want to copy for another future event?

All calendars and events are uploaded from your iCal system. Your current calendar system most likely has this capability, but whether your events are stored is based on your calendar system.

Is this in real time?

Yes, all events are displayed in real time. A clock is also provided on the software screen.

Can Events Crier be used for class schedules?

Yes, you can structure Events Crier to display whatever types of organizations, groups, or school calendars of your choosing. In this instance, you can create categories (calendars) for each subject and include the different classes as the events. The combinations are endless!

Can we put links to sites in the events?

Yes, clickable links are able to be included in the details section of an event.

Do I need to purchase a kiosk to use Events Crier?

No, any touch screen monitor can promote Events Crier. You can also upload this to a desktop and have users navigate with a mouse. Computer Kiosks are not necessary, but they are built with durability for public use and for keeping the administrator informed of the computer status.

Who sets up Events Crier?

The customer sets up Events Crier to fit their company. Advanced Kiosks provides a template, quick start guide, and a few stock photos to get started. The quick start guide has all the resources the customer needs including tips and recommendations.

What is the EventsNOW phone app?

Events Crier is available in a mobile friendly version that allows you to view events on the go with the ability for social sharing. Users can share events they want to attend for optimum event visibility.

Why do I need this?

Are you looking for ways to diversify your event attendance and boost engagement with your customers, students and visitors? Events Crier reaches out to your audience by engaging them with interactive calendar software that helps boost event attendance. Event promotion makes all your resources and planning worthwhile, and with Events Crier users are able to browse events on their mobile device and share events to social media. Build a relationship with your customers by providing a more enriching experience by welcoming them with ways they can be involved and stay informed. Add more value to your business and showcases what you have to offer with Events Crier.

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