Zamok Credit Card Solution

Streamline your Customer Experience with automated form filling for payment info

Zamok Credit Card Solution

Automatic Form Filler for your payment gateway

Zamok Credit Card Solution is an optional addition to Zamok Foundation designed to make accepting payments on your kiosk not only possible, but easy for you, your customers, and your accountant.

Without Zamok Credit Card Solution, this is alot of typing for a customer at a kiosk. People making a transaction at a kiosk generally expect the transaction to be quick and painless. In order to streamline credit card transactions at kiosks, we have developed an intelligent form filler application, which uses the information stored on the magnetic strip of a credit card to fill out the first 4 (and the longest) pieces of the required information, leaving your customer to simply need to punch in a 3 digit code and their 5 digit zip to verify the transaction. The form filler app works seamlessly with almost any shopping cart checkout we have encountered, and makes for a quick and painless user experience.


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Zamok Credit Card Solution makes the majority of the tedious data entry required in a self service payment gateway as easy as sliding a credit card. When Zamok detects that it is on a page configured for Zamok Credit Card Solution, it prompts the user to slide their card or enter the data manually. Upon swiping their card, the Name as it appears on card, Card type, Card Number, and Expiration date fields are automatically filled out, leaving the customer with minimal additional data to enter in order to authorize the transaction.

The automatic nature of the credit card solution eliminates frustrating typos and prevents customer frustration from needing to re-enter everything if they miss a number, or make a mistake.

Zamok Credit Card Solution takes advantage of one of the core security features of Zamok in that your customers data is cleared from the kiosk at the end of every session, when the customer hits the “home” or “logout” buttons, or after an administrator defined period of inactivity. The customer’s data is parsed into the fields by the software on the kiosk, and only transmitted directly to your payment gateway via any and all of SSL and other security protocols in place with your payment gateway solution.

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