Simplify filling out common form information

reduce manual entry and improve accuracy

Zamok Driver’s License Scanning Solution

Easy Form Filling

Zamok Drivers License Scanning Solution is an available expansion to Zamok Foundation designed to increase the speed and accuracy with which your customers can input their information into your self service application.  Self service technology is supposed to be quick and easy, and designing a good user experience is often a balance between the amount of information that you really need and how long it will take for your least tech savvy customers to become frustrated. The Zamok Drivers License Scanning Solution fixes this quandary by making the entry of any and all of the information on you customer’s Drivers License one quick scan of a bar-code away from being populated into your form fields. ***Information contained in the 2D bar-code varies by state – ask your sales rep for more details.



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Zamok Driver’s License Scanning Solution is designed to handle the heavy lifting of form filling as easy as possible for your customer. When the form is loaded, an overlay prompts the user to scan their license, or to cancel and enter manually. When their license is scanned, fields on the form which have corresponding data are filled out and the customer is presented with the form and able to make necessary revisions, and/or fill out other fields that are not contained in the barcode on the license.

Zamok Driver’s License Scanning Solution increases speed and accuracy of data entry, by automating the process and eliminating common typos

Zamok Driver’s License Scanning Solution enhances your customer experience, by drastically reducing the time that your customer spends on the tedious task of data entry. Self-service technology is universally seen as something that is ideally supposed to be quick and easy, and long sessions of filling out forms are generally seen as the opposite. Zamok Driver’s License Scanning Solution can drastically improve your customer feedback on a self service option by streamlining the process.

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