Remote management and analytics for Zamok Foundation

From any web browser

Zamok Cloud Management Solution

Manage your kiosks from your desk

Zamok Cloud Management Solution is an optional expansion to Zamok Foundation which provides remote access to kiosk settings, usage data, and real time status from any web browser. Zamok Cloud Management Solution can control a wide array of settings including power management, screensavers, whitelisting, and the settings for Zamok Foundation, and the other parts of the Zamok Suite, including Homepage, VOIP, Scanning, and more. Additionally, it can provide useful non-identifying analytics including pages visited, pages printed, VOIP minutes used, and other useful tracking data. Zamok Cloud Management Solution is a must have for organizations with many kiosks, or kiosks in multiple locations.


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Zamok Cloud Management Solution provides a secure logon portal via our website to manage all of all of your kiosks, including the settings for:

  • Zamok Foundation
  • Greentimer
  • Screensavers
  • and  your other Zamok Solutions including
    • Zamok Homepage Solution
    • Zamok VOIP Solution
    • Zamok Scanning Solution

Zamok Cloud Management Solution gives you access to non-identifying usage statistics for your kiosks including:

  • Pages Visited
  • Number of sessions
  • Most visited pages
  • Pages Printed
  • VOIP minutes used
  • individual session data

These statistics are invaluable for streamlining an gauging the effectiveness of your content, and can help guide future revisions to make for the best user experience. Additionally, this allows you to monitor things like the amount of paper in a kiosk on a remote site without having to travel there to check.

Zamok Cloud Management Solution shows you the current status of all of your kiosks in real-time immediately when you first log in. Kiosks are listed with an intuitive “red light/greenlight” status icon next to each of the kiosks, showing if they are currently online or offline at a glance.

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