The Self-Service Kiosk Essential is a solution that is a perfect fit for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Use this solution to tell a story, provide a service, offer a survey, allow visitors to browse your website securely and much more. If you have just begun your self-service technology journey, you have found the essential solution to get your project started.

Self-Service Essentials Solution

HardwareFreestanding Kiosk
Add – OnsGraphics
Software Zamok Foundation
Cloud Solution
Homepage Solution
Service/SupportActivity Reports for 3 Months Free
Best for Display webpage
System security
View activity history


Galveston bay freestanding


Every kiosk project has a basic function that everyone needs, but beyond that you can tailor the kiosk to your exact need.  Whether you need the kiosk to gather information,  produce information, interact with the user, or all of the above, Advanced Kiosks can help you accomplish that.  We have off the shelf solutions that can do it all, and if that’s not enough, we can help develop what you are looking for.

The FreeStanding computer kiosk is our most popular kiosk by far, with its welcoming, ergonomic design and choice of 10 colors for your branding needs. Being the most popular kiosk machine we have, it has proven itself a perfect fit for any organization implementing a self-service technology solution.

Keeping in mind that the FreeStanding kiosk machine needs software as part of the complete solution, we include Zamok Foundation, the Cloud Solution and the Homepage Solution to get you started.


Zamok-LogoZamok Foundation locks down your kiosk to prevent tampering and maintain a safe and secure experience while using the kiosk machine. The Cloud Solution makes managing your kiosk easy from any remote location, such as your office, so you will not have to travel to the physical kiosk machine to make any updates. You can also view kiosk usage and reporting through the Cloud Solution.

Homepage Solution is different from Zamok Foundation and the Cloud Solution. Where the latter two are about managing the utility of your kiosk machine, Homepage Solution helps you design beautiful interfaces to customize the look of your display. Homepage solution is all about convenience and keeping things simple. Why hire someone to write lines of code for a one time interface when you can create your own from a variety of templates?

Like what you see, but it doesn’t quite fit the bill? That’s fine.  Customization is a big part of what we do, and when it comes to solving your problem, that is our priority.  If there is something about this package you would like to change, modify, or swap out, just contact us through the link below and tell us what you need.   A member of our team will be in touch to find out the details of your project and how we can best engineer a solution for you.


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