Don't wait in line to purchase a ticket

Do it yourself at a kiosk



Tickets have been sold since antiquity and are most likely here to stay.  However, tickets have changed dramatically over the ages, and with them so has the manner in which you purchase them.  Our Ticketing Technology Solution is how you can make sure you are included in this ongoing evolution, and continue to provide a high level of service to your customers in a way that is both easy and convenient.

This combination will give you the flexibility to scan, print, receive payments, and promote your message, all from a sharp looking high definition touch screen interface.


HardwareTicketing Kiosk
Add-onsBarcode Scanner
Computer Upgrade
Graphic Laminate
SoftwareZamok Foundation
Zamok: Homepage
Zamok: Cloud Solution
Service & SupportAdvanced Support
Best for Venues
Movie Theaters
Community Events







This package includes a wide variety of add-ons and software, all inside our specially designed Ticketing Kiosk.  This ensures that you have the flexibility and durability that is required for the array of payment methods and heavy use that comes with selling tickets for shows or events.




This combination will give you the flexibility to scan, print, receive payments, and promote your message, all from a sharp looking high definition touch screen interface.  The Ticketing kiosk can either be on  a stand to make it a floor mount, or anchored directly to a shelf or counter top.  Give your team a helping hand by automating the ticketing process, and streamlining the customer experience.  The VEND III card reader can accept many forms of payments, as the ticket printer gives them the corresponding ticket from their purchase.



We also include our kiosk management software programs, Zamok, and Credit Card plug-in. Zamok will lock down your ticketing kiosk, so it cannot be tampered with and so that individuals aren’t able to surf the web, and will ensure that your computer kiosk is running smoothly. The Credit Card plug-in will streamline the payment process and make it easier for the customer.  The main function of this is to auto populate the fields as the credit card is swiped, the customer doesn’t have to manually input anything.  There is no information stored on the kiosk, so there is no worries about breaching PCI compliance by using it.


Like what you see, but it doesn’t quite fit the bill? That’s fine.  Customization is a big part of what we do, and when it comes to solving your problem, that is our priority.  If there is something about this package you would like to change, modify, or swap out, just contact us through the link below and tell us what you need.   A member of our team will be in touch to find out the details of your project and how we can best engineer a solution for you.


Q: How easy is this to install?
A: Quite easy in fact. Simply mount it to an existing counter top, or the optional pedestal, plug in the power to a standard outlet and connect to the internet.

Q: Will it work with my current ticketing software?
A: Yes! Well, very likely. It’s impossible to determine with some more information – please give us a call and we’d be happy to help confirm it.

Q: This package looks very good, but my software requires a specific device; what are my options?
A: We get this all the time. Fact is, we design, engineer and manufacture these kiosks right here, so chances are we tailor this to meet your needs. Contact us and see what we can do!

Q: I would like to sell tickets for an event I’m hosting, if I buy this, can I just plug it in and start selling tickets?
A: Not so fast. The kiosk requires ticketing software. Just like any computer, or any other bit of electronics; a program is needed to sell tickets.
The included software, Zamok, will lock down an existing, web based ticketing solution and manage the kiosk operation. Alas, a ticket selling/management software is still required.

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