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What is a kiosk and Why are kiosks so important? | Advanced Kiosks

February 22, 2016


In our daily lives we use different pieces of technology, and machines, that make our tasks and jobs easier. We don’t necessarily know what they are or how they work, though. These different machines and new forms of technology are always evolving to allow consumers and everyday people to have more control in their life, as well as make errands and chores quicker and easier.  Examples of this would be EZ Pass lanes for highway commuters, ATM’s instead of going to bank tellers, and Kiosks in every industry. So, millions of people use kiosks every day, but for what reasons?


woman waving while using a freestanding interactive kiosk


What is a kiosk and why are they so important?


A kiosk is a self-service machine that empowers the customer to complete tasks at their convenience and at their own pace.  It also allows them to interact, not just have information force fed to them, making them lose interest and not stay engaged.

There are many important factors that come with a choosing a kiosk for your business, employees, congregation, lobby.  What is the look you’re going for? What is you’re ultimate goal for implementing a kiosk?  Do you need just the kiosk hardware or do you need software to help run the kiosk?  There are many more factors that you may not think of or know, but all are important when deciding to purchase a kiosk.

At Advanced Kiosks we have streamlined the whole process, and our very knowledgeable sales team will help you with the entire buying experience.  Advanced Kiosks has been in business for over 15 years, and has sold many different kiosks to every industry.  There is a turnkey solution to almost every industry, and a complete solution to solve multiple problems.  Many times the business purchasing the kiosk is looking to solve a problem, and learns they can not only solve the problem they have, but streamline other processes at the same time.


A few examples of these are:


A church may come in looking for a kiosk to help with child check-in.  Without a kiosk they are either keeping track of children and their guardians with paper and pen, or by using a computer that anyone can tamper with.  By purchasing a kiosk they have a secured system that can’t be tampered with, keeps a digital log that any administrator can check, prints stickers and receipts to help the flow, and real time updates to double check attendance.  With the purchase of this kiosk you could also include tithing, mainstreaming the gifting process.  The user could choose to either check in a child, or quickly give a donation with their credit card, thus making the experience much easier and quicker for the user.  The church could also give schedules, events, and general information all in one, easy to use location.


children using computer kiosks


Another example is a company purchasing a kiosk for their employees as an HR kiosk.  The problem many businesses have is they have limited human resources employees who must process HR paperwork for many other employees.  An HR Kiosk is a great addition, not replacing the HR employees, but giving unlimited assistance and helping to streamline many different tasks that take up time that just isn’t available.  From that HR station an employee can print pay stubs, scan and upload personal documents, i.e. birth certificates, driver’s license, social security cards.  These would upload directly to an employee file, and not stored on the kiosk so the employee is still protected, but this doesn’t take any time of the HR department.  These stations can also provide company information, policies, and request forms all at the touch of a button in a single location and at the convenience of the employee.


All kiosks have a standard configuration, but can have peripherals added to help accomplish multiple tasks, or very specific tasks.


With these standard configurations the kiosks come with multiple pieces of kiosk software that are developed and owned by Advanced Kiosks.  These pieces of software were developed specifically for kiosk applications, and are always evolving to help the user experience.  From locking the kiosk down and having advanced security, to auto starting and shutting down the kiosk, to remotely updating and checking usage, Advanced Kiosks believes in providing a total solution to your problems.

Who can benefit from a kiosk?  Most small business, large corporations, hospitals, churches, and many other different organizations can greatly benefit from implementing a kiosk, or multiple kiosks.  A kiosk may not be the right fit for everyone, and that’s a conversation a sales representative can help you decide.  With the staff at Advance Kiosks, and the easy-to-setup kiosks, you don’t have to be an experienced technician; we have already done all of the work for you.  Tell us what you want to do, and we can help you figure out the best course of action with the right kiosk, the perfect software, and the easy installation.



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