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Many churches today are recognizing the need for automated check-in, child safety features, event sign-up, and the overall need for bringing self-service options into the picture. Churches and other religious buildings all over the country have chosen our kiosks for tithing (contributions), community and missionary updates, pre-event sign-ups, check-in, and much more.

Church Kiosks assist staff members with managing operations and can help parishioners connect with church organizations.  Our Kiosks are compatible with all church management software systems, and if you are unsure on which products you might need for your self-service solution, you are more than welcome to speak with our experienced project consultants, at no extra cost.

Why It Should Matter To You

  • Improve Security with Child-Check-In
  • Provide Tithing for Card Holders
  • Increase Event Attendees
  • Decrease Wait Times
  • Enhance Member Connection with Name Badges
  • Connect with Members through Email Sign-Up
  • Educate Members on Current Missions
  • Compatible with any Preferred Church Software


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 Advanced Kiosks’ Features

  • Included Software Preinstalled on Every Kiosk
  • Assigned Experienced Project Consultants
  • One-Day Set-Up
  • Free 30-day Technical Remote and Phone Support
  • American Owned & Manufactured Product
  • 3-Year-Warranty
  • Standard 3-week Shipping Time