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Giving Thanks for Community Kiosks

Giving Thanks for Community Kiosk Services

November 20, 2018

‘Tis the season to be grateful! Here at Advanced Kiosks, we are giving thanks for all our clients who use automated kiosks to lend a helping hand and serve their communities. Our full line...

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Sonora, Texas, Energizes Tourism with Visitor Kiosks

December 12, 2018

From Massachusetts to Washington, Advanced Kiosks clients are using tourism kiosks to promote their local attractions, historical sites, dining and accommodations. Now we’re pleased to announce we have a much more central tourism hub....

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Kiosk buyers guide

KIOSK BUYERS GUIDE | Checklist for when you buy a kiosk

November 15, 2018

When investing in any major equipment purchase, or large purchases in general, it is important to think through the entire process and consider what is involved in the investment. Kiosk shopping is no exception....

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Effective Employee Retention Strategies Use HR Self-Service

November 8, 2018

As the unemployment rate remains low, demand for skilled workers keeps increasing, and well over 3 million Americans quit their jobs for greener pastures every month. Employee turnover can be a frustrating and expensive...

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Perks of a self-serve Kiosk

Self-Serve Kiosk Perks That May Surprise You!

October 29, 2018

If you are considering a self-serve kiosk implementation, you know the business case, right? You’ve researched how much time and money kiosks can save you. You know impatient customers, especially Millennials, want the DIY...

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Zoo Kiosks for Surveys

Zoo Kiosks are Improving Visitor Satisfaction

October 16, 2018

There are lots of benefits to zoo kiosks when they are done well and lots of great uses for them: wayfinding, interactive exhibits, tickets sales, event promotion. The list goes on. Parks and recreation areas have found...

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Advanced Kiosks’ New Thru-the-Wall Kiosk Model Opens Doors

October 9, 2018

Thru-Wall Kiosk Ideal for Self-Storage Facilities Self-service technology leader Advanced Kiosks enters the built-in kiosk market with the unveiling of its newest self-storage kiosk. The Thru-Wall Kiosk is the first thru-the-wall kiosk design from Advanced Kiosks....

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Interactive Display Kiosk

Interactive Display Kiosk vs. Digital Signage

October 1, 2018

Two Worlds Collide: Interactive Display Kiosk Technology and Digital Signage Advanced Kiosks makes beautiful machines. Scroll through our product line of digital kiosks and you’ll see elegant lines, vivid colors and crisp images. But looks...

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Kiosks for Digital HR

Transitioning to Digital HR with Employee Self-Service Kiosks

September 19, 2018

Digital HR isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. It’s how HR departments are shedding their cumbersome manual processes, enriching employee experience, and moving from support units to company leaders. Advanced Kiosks...

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Cor Unum Meal Center - Dining Kiosk

Cor Unum’s Dining Kiosk: A Decade of Meal Ministry

September 10, 2018

Since 2006, the Cor Unum Meal Center in Lawrence, MA, has been showing America how to feed the hungry. The meal ministry’s staff and volunteers don’t see their work as a burden or an...

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Zamok Kiosk Lockdown Software

Kiosk Software 101: Zamok Lockdown Kiosk Software and Much More

August 31, 2018

Why kiosk software development was essential At Advanced Kiosks we have over 15 years developing high quality interactive kiosks and kiosk software design. Through those years we have learned that no matter how good...

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Employee Self Service HR Kiosk Video

VIDEO: Employee Self Service Kiosks Increasing in Popularity

August 22, 2018

New HR Kiosk Video Explains the Many Uses for Employee Self service Employee self service (ESS) is revolutionizing human resources. This technology is freeing HR professionals from the relentless paper-pushing that once defined the...

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Outdoor Kiosk Honors Montana’s Veterans Despite Frigid Temps

August 8, 2018

In these dog days of summer, we’re longing for cooler temperatures. Bozeman, Montana, is seeing more than its fair share of 90+-degree days. But residents know whipping winds and subzero temps are just around...

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Top 4 Large Touch Screen Advantages

July 31, 2018

In life and in the world of computer kiosks, bigger isn’t always better. But in retail and the food and beverage industry, there are many large touch screen advantages to consider. Why is bigger...

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self-service tech and the groomers

Pet Kiosks and Self-Service Dog Parlors Making a Splash

July 25, 2018

Self Service Pet Kiosks Self service pet kiosks are growing in popularity, allowing loving pet owners to DIY the process of doggie washing and more. This new trend is turning what was once a...

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Museum Kiosks Design

Museum Kiosk Design Made Simple

July 18, 2018

You’ve decided it’s time to make your museum more engaging, and you think interactive kiosks may be the way to do that. You are ready to embark upon a museum kiosk design project. But...

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Wall Mounted Computer Kiosks

Wall Mounted Computer Kiosks: Big Performance, Space-Saving Designs

July 11, 2018

What does an organization do when it wants to provide a large amount of information in limited floor space? The answer is a wall mounted computer kiosk, which offers accessibility, versatility, and a stylish...

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Kiosk Queuing Systems

Kiosks & Queuing Systems: A Natural Partnership

July 9, 2018

A queue. A line. A whole bunch of people waiting for your products and services. That’s a good problem to have, right? Not necessarily. It all depends on how you handle the traffic: queue...

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Top Tips for Adopting Self Service

July 3, 2018

It’s pretty common for people to be reluctant to change in general and adopting self service is no exception. Some are put off by the idea at first because they don’t know how to use...

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Real Estate Kiosks

Real Estate Kiosks Helping Buyers Find Their Dream Home

June 27, 2018

High Demand = Fast-Moving Real Estate Market It’s summer, and in much of America, the real estate market is booming. Housing inventory can’t keep up with demand. Even so, today’s homebuyers are smarter than...

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Food & Beverage Kiosks - Advanced Kiosks

Self-Service Food & Beverage Kiosks Changing Casual Dining

June 21, 2018

Standalone self-service food kiosks are changing the restaurant industry, improving operations and impacting customers’ purchasing habits. Just ask McDonald’s. The fast-food giant has started adding standalone self-service kiosks to its restaurants – a lot...

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Tribute Kiosk Software

Tribute Software for Interactive Kiosk Memorials and Recognition

June 18, 2018

Introducing the new Tribute Kiosk Software, designed to provide an elegant, flexible interactive solution to honor individuals from all groups and organizations. This new tribute software product family includes multiple themes and designs to...

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RI National Guard Kiosk Rescue: Mission Accomplished

June 12, 2018

The Rhode Island Army National Guard knows many young adults today are more comfortable interacting with a self-service kiosk than a person. That’s why they purchased three computer kiosks in late 2017 to act...

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Carthage Monolith Kiosk

Carthage Bank Makes a Splash with Large Touchscreen Kiosk

June 1, 2018

Carthage Savings and Loan has been a trusted hometown bank of New York’s North Country since 1888. 130 years of community service certainly warrants a party, and VP of Operations Bridget Fetterly was planning...

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Questions to ask the best kiosk manufacturer

5 Questions to Ask When Purchasing an Interactive Kiosk

May 29, 2018

In business today, nobody has money to burn. So it’s always worth your time to ask the right questions, compare apples to apples, and find the best kiosk manufacturer for your project. Here at...

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City of Dupont Washington, A Kiosk Support Success Story

May 22, 2018

Customer service and kiosk support is just another way Advanced Kiosks stands out above the competition. Just ask the city of DuPont, Wash. When the city’s outdoor Enviro Kiosk went down, it wasn’t just an...

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Self Storage Automation Infographic

Getting Started to Automate Self Storage (Infographic)

May 16, 2018

If you own a self storage facility or are planning to open one up, you are most likely aware of Self Storage Automation Kiosks or otherwise known as Self Storage Self Service. This technology...

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ADA Compliance Kiosks

Advanced Kiosks’ Interface Standards and ADA Compliance

May 15, 2018

Making ADA Compliance A Priority The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed to help eliminate the widespread discrimination against people with disabilities in the United States. But ADA Compliance is about more than...

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Keweenaw Bay Indian Community

Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Kiosk Project, A Versatile Public Service

May 14, 2018

A World Apart, But Still Connected Michigan’s breathtakingly beautiful Upper Peninsula is home to the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. Nestled on either side of Lake Superior’s Keweenaw Bay, the L’Anse Indian Reservation is the largest...

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Advanced Kiosks Moving to Concord

Growth Spurs Advanced Kiosks Move to a New Location

May 7, 2018

Hey Concord, here we come! Fueled by the rapid growth of interactive kiosk technology sales and a recent expansion of technical support services, we’re excited to announce that Advanced Kiosks headquarters is moving to...

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patient check in kiosk

VIDEO: Patient Check In Kiosks Satisfy Users and Staff

April 30, 2018

Right now in the United States, doctor’s offices are packed and patients are experiencing long wait times due to the lack of available medical professionals in the healthcare industry. More and more doctor’s offices,...

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The Arlington National Cemetery Kiosk Project

April 23, 2018

Throughout 2016, one particular kiosk project was defined by 12 simple words. “The kiosks need to look and feel worthy of a national monument.” Since the day we were approached by Arlington National Cemetery...

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self service kiosk

The Self Service Kiosk Delivers Efficiency

April 18, 2018

For decades we have seen the world of automation flourish. Starting with wooden boxes that would dispense a mint, to a gumball machine, to more sophisticated vending machines, and now to the self service...

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Increased Kiosk Security With 4G Internet Solutions

April 10, 2018

The recent news about data privacy breaches on social media and the cyber-attacks in Atlanta Georgia, heighten public concern for ensuring security and minimizing risk. In the development of computer kiosk software and hardware...

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HR Self Service Kiosks for Changing Job Market

HR Self Service Kiosks for a Changing Job Market

April 9, 2018

The nature of the workforce has gone through some massive changes in the last several years. The days of the gold watch retirement gift from the company you’ve spent decades working for have been...

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Strikes and Spares kiosk ticket sales

Strikes and Spares: A Kiosk Ticket Sales Success Story

March 28, 2018

With the surging interest in using customer service kiosks for self service ticketing functions, we thought it would be a great time to shine the spotlight on one of our recent kiosk ticket sales success...

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The Kiosk Rescue Program, Get That Computer Kiosk Up and Running!

March 27, 2018

In response to customer requests to salvage defunct computer kiosks of all variations, the New Hampshire-based manufacturer is adding the Kiosk Rescue program to its line of products and services. With the dual goal of maintaining...

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Kiosk FAQ feature

Kiosk FAQ Answers & All Things Self-Service With AK Knowledge Base

March 21, 2018

Have a kiosk FAQ? You’ve come to the right place. It’s been less than a decade since the smartphone took the world by storm, but it’s almost impossible to imagine a time before you...

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7 Reasons Why Zamok Is the Best Kiosk Software Available

March 6, 2018

If you were to ask us who makes the best self-service software for kiosks,  we’d instantly think back to the words of boxing legend Muhammad Ali: “It’s hard to be humble when you’re as good...

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The Island: Multi User Kiosk Printing With Style

March 2, 2018

Today, Advanced Kiosks debuted the Island Kiosk, a self-service solution that puts a fashionable spin on the kiosk printing stations of old. Based on previous similar kiosk models, the Island’s sleek design and ability...

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Snap-On Trade Show Kiosk

SPOTLIGHT: Snap-On’s Trade Show Kiosk Solution

February 26, 2018

Friday night, 6:30 PM and you have 3 weeks till a major conference and the interactive trade show kiosk that’s the main feature of your booth isn’t working. What do you do?   You make...

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Kiosk Ticketing System Header

Continuous Service in an Uncertain World With a Kiosk Ticketing System

February 22, 2018

What’s a kiosk ticketing system? Put quite simply, it’s an automated self-service solution that allows users to select and purchase tickets for admission or events and dispenses physical tickets to your patrons. Well, I...

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Church Check In Systems: Protecting Your Church Family

Church Check In Systems: Protecting Your Church Family

February 16, 2018

What is the number one reason churches use interactive kiosks? The overwhelming answer we hear is for  safe, secure church check in systems for childcare. Our infographic explains how church check in systems work...

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How Employee Kiosks Can Help Human Resources

February 13, 2018

A day in the life of an HR professional and the impact of an employee kiosk Have you ever asked an employee to do something like fill out a form, and yet they forget...

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kiosk machine price

Kiosk Machine Price: How To Get The Best Deal!

February 7, 2018

Kiosk Machine Price, Getting the Best Deal Comparing Kiosk Cost to Value and Performance You are looking for a kiosk and figuring out the budget you have to work with. What is the normal kiosk...

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MindKare kiosks header

Grant for University Mental Health Resources Highlights MindKare Computer Kiosks

January 19, 2018

In October of 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill (SB) 85 into law in order to authorize the creation of a $4.5 million California Community College Mental Health Services Grant Program that emphasized the...

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Merchant Max for kiosk customer service

The Merchant Max: Kiosk Customer Service for Fast Food, Retail, & More

January 16, 2018

Today, Advanced Kiosks announces the debut of the Merchant Max Kiosk, the latest development in kiosk customer service technology to roll off the New Hampshire-based manufacturer’s assembly line. Engineered with point of sale satisfaction...

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Touch screen kiosk header

What Will a Touch Screen Kiosk Be Like in 100 Years?

January 10, 2018

As a sci-fi nerd, I spend a lot of time imagining what commonplace items like a touch screen kiosk will be like in the future. Will they follow the trend of all things tech...

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College Printing Kiosks Prime

College Printing Kiosks: the Cure for the Common Computer Lab

January 4, 2018

If working for an electronic self-service company has taught me anything, it’s the immense importance of college printing kiosks to students on campuses of every size. While advances in technology have made just about...

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What is a kiosk?

What Is a Kiosk? (and Why Are They so Important?)

December 28, 2017

What is a kiosk? It might seem like a simple question, but it’s one that we hear all of the time. Simply put, a kiosk is a self-service machine that empowers users to complete tasks...

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Patient check in system kiosks

A Patient Check In System You Can Count On

December 20, 2017

With over 10,000 dental patients each year, University of the Pacific was certain of one thing: They were in need of a new patient check in system. Located in the center of downtown San...

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3 Ways an Automated Kiosk Is the Droid You’re Looking For

December 15, 2017

We don’t live in a far away galaxy, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an automated kiosk solution that’ll help your business make the jump to light speed. Admittedly, our solutions aren’t quite as...

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Self Service Storage Solutions for Every Climate

Self Service Storage Solutions for Every Climate

December 12, 2017

With our corner of New Hampshire caught in our first big snowstorm of the winter, I can’t think of a better opportunity to sing the praises of our all-weather self service storage kiosk and...

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Solar Touchscreen Display

Solar Power and Touchscreen Display Kiosks: A Match for the Future

December 5, 2017

We’re at a moment where both solar energy and touchscreen display kiosks are on the verge of revolutionizing our economy — and that’s no coincidence. At first glance, these two technological breakthroughs may seem entirely...

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Healthcare Kiosks Vary Greatly

Uses for Healthcare Kiosks Vary Greatly

December 4, 2017

Last week we had a meeting where I was looking for answers to what hospitals and other medical facilities ask for when they inquire about healthcare kiosks and how they can be implemented within...

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Four benefits of a zoo kiosk

Benefits of a Zoo Kiosk (Explained by Animals)

November 30, 2017

The Top Zoo Kiosk Benefits No matter how you slice it, just about any zoo kiosk is going to take a heavy beating.  But they are more than just a rugged commercial grade solution....

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Hospital Kiosk

What Benefits Can You Expect from A Hospital Kiosk?

November 21, 2017

What are the benefits of a hospital kiosk? Across the country, the healthcare industry is looking to the hospital kiosk as a new way to improve operations. According to Venson Wallin, managing director at BDO...

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Casino Kiosks

Casino Kiosks: a Bet You Can’t Lose

November 16, 2017

Right now, the gaming industry is undergoing a massive transformation – and many in it are increasingly turning to casino kiosks to keep up with the times. One particularly popular use of self service...

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Retail Kiosk Self Checkout

A Millennial Love Letter to the Self Checkout Line

November 15, 2017

As I write this, I’m certain of only two things: I’m a Millennial, and I’m head over heels in love with self checkout lines. From our alleged fondness for killing casual dining restaurants to the...

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College Campuses student services kiosks

Top 10 Ways College Campuses Utilize Interactive Kiosks

November 14, 2017

College campuses are centers for growth an innovation, and technology plays in important role in maintaining that status. Students, as well as faculty, expect their schools to keep up with new and emerging technologies to...

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HR Solutions to Help Employees Not Drown in Paperwork

Employee Self Service Kiosk Solutions

November 13, 2017

Using An Employee Self Service Kiosk To Maximize HR Efficiency  Human Resource departments are necessary across a variety of organizations, and yet employee self service kiosk solutions are often overlooked when it comes to HR optimization....

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Fallen Heroes Kiosk Software for Veterans Day and memorials

Fallen Heroes and Veterans Day

November 10, 2017

On October 12th, 1954, President Eisenhower issued a proclamation that established Veterans Day as a national holiday. Created as an extension of World War 1’s Armistice Day, Veterans Day was put forward as a...

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Giving Kiosk for Churches and Donations

Use a Giving Kiosk to Extend a Helping Hand

November 9, 2017

From the big-box retailers to the local coffee shop, it seems just about everyone is turning their self service kiosk into a giving kiosk. This intersection of humanity and technology enable greater visibility for...

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Mental Health Screening Kiosks

Onslow County NC Introduces Mental Health Screening Kiosks

November 7, 2017

In the drive to provide individuals with an accessible, medically responsible way to manage mental health concerns, the Onslow County Health Department of North Carolina and Screening for Mental Health is prescribing an innovative...

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Self Service and Self Storage

5 Ways Self Service Kiosks are Improving Self Storage Facilities Self storage solutions have been around for a very long time, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. There are management software tools, marketing...

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Information Kiosk Inforgraphic

The Information Kiosk Infographic

November 2, 2017

What is an information kiosk and how can it help my company? Accessing the right information is important no matter what the situation is, that is why information kiosks are an ideal solution for...

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kiosk manufacturer for GSA Advantage

Kiosk solutions for an uncertain fiscal future

October 31, 2017

GSA Advantage Vendor Approval, Solutions in the fight against state revenue shortfalls Looking back on the 2017 fiscal year, the National Association of State Budget Officers discovered that 33 states reported revenues below expectations....

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Airport Kiosk Blog

The Airport Kiosk, Top 5 Ways to Leverage Self Service

October 9, 2017

For about a decade now airports have been implementing a self service check in airport kiosk to cut down on increasing wait times and give passengers multiple check in options. As a result, major...

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church giving kiosk

Church Giving Kiosk, Offer Much More Than Tithing

October 3, 2017

Make the influx of attendance and special events of the holiday season smoother by offering parishioners the advantages of using a church giving kiosk. Churches nationwide have seen a decrease in attendance over the...

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Human Resource Questions about Employee Self Service

September 19, 2017

HR Reps Are Exploring Employee Self Service Human resources departments in every industry are frustrated and seeking ways to improve efficiency. Companies are streamlining cumbersome HR tasks with employee self service solutions. As HR...

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church nursery check in

Self Service Kiosks for Churches and Sunday School

September 6, 2017

With the holiday season approaching there is a natural upward trend for church attendance and events hosted at churches across the country. Self service kiosk solutions are becoming increasingly popular and helping church organizers...

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Self Storage Automation Solutions Demo at SSA Fall Conference

August 31, 2017

Advanced Kiosks Joins with Industry Leaders to Increase Profits for Facility Owners and Operators Las Vegas, September 5, 2017 – SSA Fall Conference:  Advanced Kiosks will be displaying a variety of self serve computer...

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manufacturing employee kiosks

Top 5 Uses for Employee Computer Kiosks in Manufacturing

August 18, 2017

Manufacturing facilities all over the country are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of the facility while cutting down on costs. Manufacturing employee computer kiosks are playing a big role in that by allowing the...

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outdoor computer kiosks

VIDEO: Outdoor Computer Kiosks for Parks and Recreation!

August 17, 2017

Day trips to the zoo, state parks and other recreational areas can be a lot of fun and a great way to spend the day. However, sometimes outdoor recreational areas suffer from a lack...

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tower kiosk airport kiosk

VIDEO: Tower Kiosk, Self Serve Airport Kiosk

High traffic hubs such as airports are loud, bright, confusing, and service hundreds of thousands of people each day. Often, travelers experience severely long wait times and confusion due to the need for up...

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Tower Kiosk Airport

Introducing the Tower Kiosk for Airports and more!

August 8, 2017

Towering above the rest, a real crowd pleaser Advanced Kiosks announces the release of the Tower Kiosk. This computer kiosk has a built in large vertical touch screen and is designed for high volume...

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PTI self storage security

INTERVIEW: PTI’s Access Control Elevates Secure Self Storage

August 4, 2017

Every business has security risks, self storage facilities are not en exception.  Advanced Kiosks provides self service kiosks to the self storage industry to automate processes such as rental, bill pay, information, and wayfinding. ...

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Using Student Kiosks to Start Off the School Year Strong

July 27, 2017

School’s Back Soon! Next week the month of August begins, and that means wrapping up plans for the new school year! Curriculum plans, dining hall food orders, new hires, updated school supplies, new technology...

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Best Practices for Self Storage Automation

July 25, 2017

Janus International Playing a Key Role in Self Storage Automation Looking to automate your self storage facility? Understanding the elements needed for self storage automation is important to the success of its implementation. If you...

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computer kiosk

How Does Advanced Kiosks Give Back?

July 24, 2017

Advanced Kiosks is a computer kiosk hardware and software company, but first and foremost we are a team who cares about our community. The way we show our support to local non-profit organizations is...

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Computer Kiosk Software Development – Best Practice

July 12, 2017

Advanced Kiosks’ Software Development Process Advanced Kiosks is a self service computer kiosk company that develops both hardware and software solutions. Zamok is our kiosk management software designed to ensure a secure and user-friendly...

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imperial tobacco

Imperial Tobacco Limited HR Department & Self-Service Kiosks

June 28, 2017

Imperial Tobacco Limited is the leading tobacco manufacturer in the UK. They implemented HR kiosk self service as a means to improve their human resources operations and create a convenient portal for employees to...

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school kiosks

The Educator’s Perspective: Does Technology Improve the Classroom?

May 31, 2017

Just 30 years ago, technology was first introduced to the classroom. This started with comprehensive computer classes where students had access to a desktop for about a half hour the whole day. This was...

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Our 5 Most Popular Kiosk Resources | Advanced Kiosks

May 17, 2017

Hello all! I hope all has been well for you so far. Our year has been crazy filled with content creation and research to provide you, our readers, with quality resources that can guide...

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How to Successfully Implement an Information Kiosk

May 16, 2017

What do you need in an information kiosk? Information kiosks are becoming an increasingly important tool that captures “400% more views than static displays” (Intel Corp). This means that the old open face letter...

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ESS Tools: An Interview with Professionals in HR

May 10, 2017

With over 15 years in self-service technology, Advanced Kiosks has a powerful reputation providing solutions for human resources. While we do know a whole lot about HR, our focus of knowledge is technology and...

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kiosk news

Kiosk News of The Month! | Advanced Kiosks

May 3, 2017

Everyday, technology is improving. It is becoming more efficient, accessible, and prevalent in our society. Self-service technology is no exception to this time of fast moving innovation. To keep up with the constant updates...

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What is the General Services Administration?

Advanced Kiosks is happy to announce that we have been added as a vendor to the General Services Administration (GSA) Advantage! Online shopping website. Any Advantage! member gets 9% off of our products to...

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The Travel Kiosk: A Beginner’s Guide To Self Service Travel Tips

April 24, 2017

Self-service technology is being used globally and travel kiosks are now emerging as the ideal solution to cut down wait times for travelers and allow people to spend more of their time off actually on...

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Q1 2017 Quarterly Newsletter | Advanced Kiosks

March 25, 2017

Hello there! We’re coming towards the end of the first quarter of 2017 and spring has sprung! (We’re being optimistic). We spent a good chunk of this winter calling our customers to check-in on...

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rfp rfq checklist

Kiosk RFP vs RFQ Checklist | Advanced Kiosks

March 22, 2017

Kiosk RFP vs RFQ Checklist Writing RFP’s & RFQ’s can be challenging.  Use this eGuide to help make sure you don’t get stuck with an inferior product. The experienced technical sales staff and project...

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whitepaper education

WHITE PAPER: Campus Kiosks & State Funding Crisis

Self-Service Campus Kiosks & Education Currently, the largest problem U.S. colleges and universities are facing is overcrowding and lack of state funding. More institutions across the nation are adopting self service and implementing campus kiosks...

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Kiosk FAQ Eguide | Advanced Kiosks

Kiosk FAQ Eguide You answer one question, and it opens the door to three more.  However, do not let that get you down. If you are asking questions you are on the right track....

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Kiosk ROI Calculator | Advanced Kiosks

Kiosk ROI Calculator and Savings Estimator Want to see how much a kiosk or self-service solution can save you from inefficient check-in or processing tasks? This kiosk ROI calculator and savings assessment tool is...

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sst project eval tool

Kiosk Project Evaluation Tool

Kiosk Project Evaluation Tool – Making Sure that You Succeed Your time is TOO VALUABLE. Seriously, when it comes to knowing if you are making good decisions about your kiosk project or some other type of...

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The Retail Kiosk: Your Best Defense Against Online Competition

March 21, 2017

Problems in the Retail Industry In the retail industry “About half of all new establishments survive five years or more and about one-third survive 10 years or more. As one would expect, the probability...

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Kiosk Solutions for Small Retailers : Retail Kiosks

Why would a small retailer be interested in a kiosk? Retail kiosks can be used for many universal purposes. Check-in, registrations, wayfinding, information, POS (point-of-sale), etc. In retail, you may have noticed kiosks in...

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Restaurant Kiosks Blog

INFOGRAPHIC: Snack Bar and Restaurant Kiosk Solutions

March 16, 2017

The Restaurant Kiosk of Today The table top restaurant kiosk, as we know, are often small, counter top kiosks that can be used by both the customer and waitstaff to order drinks and food,...

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secure self storage

Secure Self Storage: How Can You Be Sure?

March 9, 2017

Secure self storage You’re on the inter-webs looking for “secure self storage” and you happened to come across this article. Good thing, because I’m about to teach you how to decipher whether a self...

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March 7, 2017

10 Federal Self-Storage & Self-Service Kiosks This self storage kiosks case study is an in depth interview with the founder of 10 Federal self storage. 10 Federal is a self-storage business in Graham, North Carolina...

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