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Kiosk Software for Managing Kiosks 






Zamok Kiosk software: The Power to Do MOre

Our ZAMOK™ Kiosk Software suite maximizes the functionality and value of your interactive kiosk solution. It is this added value that puts Advanced Kiosks products head and shoulders above other kiosk manufacturers. Not only does it provide kiosk security, management tools, hardware support and increased functionality, but Zamok also enables ease of integration with third party software, tools and content. 

Already own a touch screen kiosk but need software? Our team can install Zamok on your kiosk’s computer and have you up and running in no time. Download our brochure and learn more about Zamok’s features below.

Basic package

All of these key features are included in the Basic Zamok Software package:


auto restart

Ensure maximum up time. Zamok is designed with a built in utility to auto­matically restart your kiosk in the event of a power interruption.


secure keyboard

Zamok’s built in easy touch keyboard appears onscreen when the user selects a field that requires text input.


handicap access tools

Ensure accessibility to all users by offering easy access tools to assist impaired individuals.


printing & media

A wide variety of laser and thermal printers are supported, as well as label stock, receipts, and ticketing media.


remote admin

View, update and monitor all kiosks at all locations right from your own desktop computer with our cloud based tech­nology.


screen saver

Promote your message, images, advertisement, or invitation on the kiosk screensaver.


screen templates

Easily customize screens to present to users with our Homepage tool. Add logos, images and buttons to link to any desired web content.



Tightly control and specify content to be accessed from each kiosk. Eliminate the potential for unwanted internet browsing or kiosk tampering.


slide show

Display a series of images, messages or information on your kiosk home screen. Customize and update remotely.


touch pads & Signature Pads

Zamok supports the addition of a physical key­board, signature pads, ADA Touch Pads, or Bio­metric scanners.



Direct users to your website or online content of your choice with Zamok’s Web­view feature.

Enterprise Package

In addition to the features listed above, here are the features included in the Enterprise Zamok Software Package:


alerts & notifications

Zamok facilitates the ability to generate email and text alerts to notify users of necessary main­tenance or issues with the kiosk.


Document scanning

A simple and intuitive interface for users, prompting them through steps to scan doc­uments, and confirm a pre­view before sending.


led lighting

Zamok is designed to allow for custom lighting elements to be controlled on or from the kiosk.


reports & statistics

Track your kiosk user trends and respond to changing needs. Kiosk reports allow you to deliver usage data and perform­ance records consistently.


surveys & review

Built in, easy to configure user surveys. Collect data and critical feedback to improve the customer experience.


user account management

Easily create and maintain accounts for staff or team member access. You decide and control who can access the Zamok kiosk manage­ment tools.


live video support

Offer users face-to-face support or on screen assistance with Zamok’s video conferencing capabilities.



Zamok VoIP solution provides an intuitive interface for secured use of Voice over IP services at your kiosk using a VoIP provider.


Weekly Status Report

The Zamok Kiosk Software Weekly Report was created for the purpose of allowing the customer to see the stats on their most and least used kiosks.

Administrative Control and Robust Functionality

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All this Functionality and More

Each kiosk order can be customized to include hardware add-ons and peripherals to meet the needs of your project! Advanced Kiosks’ team of talented engineers possess the in-house experience and capability to deliver projects from start to finish.

To compare the features and functionality of Zamok Basic to Zamok Enterprise version, download the Zamok Product Comparison chart.