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Advanced Kiosks excels at providing superior customer experiences. We offer our kiosk consulting services to our clients for the proper guidance needed to make their kiosk solution visions a reality. Our experienced technical sales team can review your project needs, whether you require a standard kiosk product, custom engineering, or some minor changes. Our kiosk product consultants will advise you to ensure the best possible end result and maximum ROI.

Custom Kiosk Consulting

Each self-service project has unique needs and challenges and our team has seen it all. Our kiosk consultants will offer hands on consulting for your kiosk project guidelines. With their expertise, they will mentor you in the project management, from concept to implementation and kiosk deployment in order to ensure proper customer satisfaction. So let us put our experience to work for you.

Hardware Selection

There are many decisions to make when it comes to selecting the right computer kiosk equipment. For example, what service kiosk model is the best fit for your project? Will it be located outdoors? What devices or attachments should be available for the user? Do you need a payment kiosk option? Will the unit have open access? What design elements do you desire for your digital signage? By answering these questions you can avoid costly mistakes that can occur in the end result.

We can present you with options through our kiosk project planning services where we can weigh out the pros and cons to help answer these questions and more. It all starts with the quality of hardware products, expertise, and the ability to customize.

Application Refinement

User experience design and application workflow are at the heart of all self-service custom kiosk projects. You can have the best idea, high quality hardware, and world class software and still miss the mark on your self-service implementation if the user experience is poor.

There are many factors that contribute to this, such as physical placement of hardware, user interface details, or integration of third party services. It all has to work together to create a superior experience and provide a valuable service.

We have seen hundreds of projects over the years and can assist you by reviewing your planned application workflow. Optimization ideas, suggestions, and small improvements can be very valuable and help deliver a successful solution that serves your users well for years to come.

Kiosk Installation