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Enhance Efficiency & Improve Service

Check-in kiosks enhance efficiency, improve service, and reduce costs in nearly any industry. Organizations can reduce or eliminate the cost of a lobby attendant and save guests the time spend waiting by providing them with a way to handle most check-in tasks on their own.

Using the check-in functionality of the Visitor Management System, visitors to your facility can provide notification of their arrival by phone or text message and receive directions to their destination or contact their party from the kiosk. Additionally, computer kiosks can be outfitted with peripherals including printers for name badges, credit card readers to accept co-payments, and ID readers to verify identification.

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Open or Locked LobbY

How the visitor management software is set up for check-in in depends on the facility’s procedure for visitors to check in.

The software should be able to be set up for an open or locked lobby. For lobbies that lock at a set time, the software can be set to switch over to different settings after hours, depending on the facility’s needs.

Open Lobby – An open lobby is one where people can come into the lobby and pass through to elevators or to areas where their parties are located. Here the kiosk is used more as a Wayfinding kiosk to provide visitors with directions and useful information. Go to the wayfinding page to learn about different options for wayfinding kiosks. Most of these types of lobbies are locked after business hours so visitors will then have to use the kiosk as a check-in kiosk after regular business hours and call their party.

Locked Lobby – Many businesses and office building now lock their lobbies so visitors can come into the lobby, but not into the building itself unless they have a key or escort. These lobbies need a receptionist or check-in kiosk where visitors can search through a building directory to find their party and contact them.

Self Check In Kiosk

Standard Types of Check In Kiosks

Schools – Security is number one.

Office Buildings – Visitors need to connect to people in the building. After finding a business or person at the kiosk, a person then can try to call a person after the user enters their name and cell phone number. The kiosk will then take a picture. The kiosk will try to call the person and at the same will time send a text to the contact’s cell phone with the user’s information. If the person called is not in their office they will still get the text message. If needed, the party in the building can call the visitors cell phone from where ever they are.

Patient arrivals – Those arriving at a medical facility or dentist’s office can check in for their appointment, fill out patient forms and provide insurance information via the kiosk. Outfitting a patient check-in kiosk with a card reader has been demonstrated to improve the collection of copays and outstanding balances. For larger facilities, kiosks can provide step-by-step directions to the patient’s destination.

Visitors to Government facilities – A self check-in kiosk can replace outdated “take a number” devices. And as an added benefit, facilities stay cleaner because visitors aren’t dropping those paper numbers on the floor.

Visitors to schools or other facilities where security is a concern – Parents or other school visitors, or visitors to other secure facilities, can notify staff of their arrival, search a staff directory and connect with office staff via a VOIP handset for building access.

Hotel guests – Check-in kiosks can allow guests to check in for their hotel stay, receive a room key, and look up nearby restaurants and other attractions. When their stay is over, they can settle their bill and receive a printed or emailed receipt. These types of kiosks are straightforward but will need a credit card reader and an RFID card dispenser.

Airline passengers – Travelers can check in for their flight, print out a luggage tag and boarding pass and drop off their luggage at the counter, all without having to wait in line.




Bonfiglioli, an industrial manufacturing company with a global presence, reached out for assistance with implementing a new visitor management system for their brand new lobby.

Benefits of Visitor Management System

How the Visitor Benefits:

  • Touchscreen maps and wayfinding
  • Person/department search with one-touch calling
  • Onscreen translation
  • 24/7 access to services

How the Building Benefits

  • Offer multi-lingual reception service
  • Better security in your lobby
  • Easy to update from a remote location
  • Advertising space
  • Personal information security
  • 3-Year Hardware Warranty

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