Advanced Kiosks Services


We know our customers look to us as the Kiosk experts which is why we have invested time and effort into our service offerings. From planning and design through production, deployment, management and support, Advanced Kiosks will guide you every step of the way to a complete and successful Kiosk launch! We’ve got you covered!

Kiosk Integration

Advanced Kiosks’ engineers are expert integrators. We work with your third party software and hardware peripherals to design the ideal solution for your self-service kiosk application. Maximize the functionality of your new investment and leverage the tools you already have!


Kiosk Project Consulting

Our experienced technical sales team can review your project needs and guide you to the right solution. Whether it requires a standard kiosk product, custom engineering or some minor modifications, our project consultants will advise you to ensure the best possible end result and maximum ROI.

Creative Services

From colors and finishes, logos, wraps and graphics to user interface design, Advanced Kiosks has experienced designers ready to work with you to make your Kiosks look as good as they work!

Managed Services

Advanced Kiosks is invested in your long-term solution success. We offer contract services that go beyond development and deployment to keep your Kiosks running smooth and serving your customers.

Kiosk Installation

At Advanced Kiosks, we know that kiosk installation projects require planning, preparation and expertise. No matter where your project is located, you can be confident that Advanced Kiosks’ installation services will be there for you if you need us.


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