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Worship and Church Kiosks

Churches and faith-based organizations worldwide are adopting self-service church kiosk solutions to offer helpful services to their congregation and staff. Accepting donations or checking-in children for youth programs has never been easier.

Each of our quality kiosk models are equipped with administrative software t allow you to remotely access the kiosks, make changes or monitor all church kiosks right from your desktop computer.

Check In Self-Service Kiosk for a Children's Ministry

Common Uses

  • Donations and Tithing
  • Childcare Check-In
  • Mission and Event Sign-Up
  • Fundraising and Causes
  • Member Information Updates
  • Badge Printing


  • Augment Childcare Security
  • Increase Donation Privacy
  • Reduce Staffing Burden
  • Reduce Time Waiting in Line
  • Increase Engagement
  • Improve Ease of Donating

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