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Self-service kiosk solutions allow federal, state, and local governments to maximize efficiency by meeting growing demand and enabling cost savings. Every day, new implementations are occurring at various government agencies, including:

– State Houses
– Courthouses
– Police/Corrections
– Federal Agencies
– Public Libraries
– Municipalities
– Department of Motor Vehicles
– and more!

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Unlike traditional kiosks, our self-service products offer the complete package with both hardware and software expertly integrated for a seamless user experience. Our hassle-free on-boarding process ensures that you receive a fully configured system that’s ready to use right out of the box. Plus, our expert team will train your staff to use our intuitive kiosk management software portal, empowering them to make updates and adjustments to your kiosks with ease.



Office Extension is true to its name. It is a self-service extension of your office.  The interface software, ZAMOK, can be set up for your customers to do many functions on their own, enabling users to pay bills, fill out forms, look up records, and scan and submit documents. It also communicates to you and your staff with weekly reports, real-time notifications and emails of customers’ submittals.

Now, with the release of version 3.0, the Office Extension can do even more, from translations to recognition of QR and barcodes along with more controls on the layout of the interface.


Number two for courts is the LAAS, an advanced visitor management system.  The list of tasks that LAAS can perform is impressive: Check-in, name tags, look up and call people or departments, text messaging, wayfinding, as well as convenience features such as Wi-Fi access, local information, event calendar and quick help for deliveries. We wrap it all up with advanced translation of over 160 languages, accessibility contrast features and a lower menu for ADA compliance.   

Not impressed? It will also recognize humans and welcome them!  

Visitor Management System - Brochure


Assisted Self Service Brochure

The ASK project is the product courts need for self-representation.  The Aegis booth and desk were designed for longer conversations, with hardware designed for public use.

Citizens can fill out legal forms that might normally take longer than filling out shorter forms. 

The video conferencing feature included with the self-service desktop allows users to consult with assigned staff or support groups to help people get started with the legal process of self-representation.


Live, on-demand translation services paid for by the minute. No more looking for a translator of one language who may be working on something else, or scheduling an interpreter to come in for a 2-hour minimum next week. 

The Interspretation provides a live video feed on demand to interpreters of over 240 languages as well as American sign language.  Our customers all agree that not only is the kiosk a cost-saving tool but also saves the time of having to schedule interpreters and for customers to come back. The ADA-compliant hardware not only is tamper-proof but provides handsets for better sound clarity, cleanliness and durability in public areas.

InterpreStation - Brochure


Tribute Station Brochure

The Tribute Station is an interactive kiosk that is designed to help organizations pay homage to the individuals or groups that have made a significant impact on their community.

This cutting-edge kiosk is equipped with a 19-inch touchscreen display, which enables users to access and interact with a variety of digital content, including videos, images, and text.

The kiosk’s software is fully customizable, allowing users to create unique multimedia displays that showcase the contributions and accomplishments of the people they wish to honor.


Download this complete guide for presentation to colleagues or to bring to a meeting. This document is an overview of everything for cities & counties, showing how self-service kiosks help government agencies across the country save time and resources.

Visual Guide Download

This Visual Guide for Kiosk Workflows is a quick overview of how easy it is to make changes to your kiosks interface and how to add in a workflow for scanning. It is intended to introduce you to Zamok’s customization capabilities so that you can maximize the value of your self-service kiosk.





Our Latest Contractor Performance Assessment
Reporting System (CPARS) Evaluation:
QUALITY: Exceptional
MANAGEMENT: Exceptional

The CPARS rating is used in part to document contractor performance on federal awards. According to the CPARS website, that information includes “the contractor’s record of conforming to requirements and to standards of good workmanship; forecasting and controlling costs; adherence to schedules, including the administrative aspects of performance; reasonable and cooperative behavior and commitment to customer satisfaction; reporting into databases; integrity and business ethics; and business-like concern for the interest of the customer.”


Prince William County
“We employ a lot of technology in the office, and there’s always hiccups and glitches, says Smith. We’ve had none of that with Advanced Kiosks. They have thought through everything; While it was not quite plug and play, it’s about as close to plug and play as a kiosk could be. I’ve been so impressed!”

Jacqueline Smith
Clerk of Court, Prince William County


Our successful government customers have provided residents at the local and federal level the ability to handle their government business on their time.

The automation of essential government services like paying fines or applying for a marriage license provides citizens with increased freedom when handling their government business.

With self-service kiosks for government agencies, customers avoid taking time off work to handle their government business, reduce wait times, and increase staff efficiency.

We have worked with many customers in both city and town municipalities and federal government industries, including City of Quincy, Orange County, and Olmsted County Housing Authorities. We have also provided similar solutions for Arlington National Cemetery, Rhode Island National Guard, and State of Maine (DHHS).

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User Interface for Government Organizations

Our ZAMOK™ Kiosk Software suite maximizes the functionality and value of your interactive kiosk solution. It is this added value that puts Advanced Kiosks’ products head and shoulders above other kiosk manufacturers.

Not only does Zamok provide kiosk security, management tools, hardware support, and increased functionality for government agencies around the country, but it enables ease of integration with third-party software, tools, and content. 

Our proprietary software comes with customizable templates that let you decide what applications and content to include and how they should look. Colors and imagery are all editable to match your town’s branding and needs.

Choose what services you want on your ADA compliant kiosk, and offer one-click buttons to get the process started, guiding your users step-by-step.

Courthouse Kiosks

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lobby Kiosk and Document Kiosk are the two most popular self-service kiosk options for government industries due to their versatility and customization. 

What are the use cases in government facilities?

Common use cases for interactive kiosks in government include:

  • Scanning
  • Printing
  • Form fill
  • Payment processing
  • Language interpretation
  • Queuing 
  • Self check-in

Does Advanced Kiosks hold a GSA contract?

Yes! Attaining the GSA Contract approval is not easy and speaks volumes about the quality standards and reputation of Advanced Kiosks. We are very proud to take part in this program. It has proven to be instrumental in better serving our national customer base.

Learn more about GSA here.

What are the benefits of an interactive kiosk in government?

Self-service kiosks automate essential government services and provide an improved customer experience to members of your community. Additionally, a government kiosk can make government services available beyond typical business hours, or even 24/7!

Find additional benefits of self-service kiosks in government here

Will self-service kiosks keep personal data safe and secure?

Yes! Our Zamok Software keeps the data of your customers safe and secure, eliminating the potential for unwanted internet browsing and kiosk tampering.  

Can artificial intelligence/facial recognition technology be enabled on a self-service kiosk?

Yes! This technology can help protect your identity and keep information safe. Read our blog to discover how Army bases around the country are implementing this technology.