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Industries: Government

Government Kiosks Are Proud to Serve

We are proud to announce that Advanced Kiosks is GSA Approved.

Self-service kiosk solutions are allowing federal, state, and local agencies to maximize efficiency by meeting growing demand while enabling cost savings. New implementations are happening every day in courts, libraries, public utilities, and municipalities.  A common use case is the payment kiosk to allow payment of bills from a central location.

Advanced Kiosks is an approved vendor to the ‘General Services Administration (GSA) Advantage!’ program, so you always know you’re getting the best price.

NH State Government Self-Service Kiosk


  • Bill Pay Portal
  • Document Access, Printing, Scanning, and Organization
  • DMV Licensing and Registration
  • Cemetery and Memorial Services
  • Ticketing for Local Events
  • Access Control
  • Courts and Law Enforcement
  • Inmate Account Access
  • Library and Museum Directory
  • Wayfinding
  • Veterans Services
  • Military and Recruiting


  • Increase Staff Efficiency
  • Reduce Visitor Wait Times
  • Promote Events and Information
  • Provide Guidance and Support
  • Automate ID Verification
  • Expedite Account Processing
  • Electronic Activity Records
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increased Security
  • Data Tracking
  • Save on Costs

Should Your Government Agency Automate?

From providing electronic resources to patrons for paying bills, fines, and taxes to document management and streamlined security and licensing processes, automated self service can have a huge impact on your government facility. We have worked with many customers in the government industry, including Arlington National Cemetery, Rhode Island National Guard, and State of Maine (DHHS). Solutions range from HR to Wayfinding and all stand the test of time with clean and modern kiosk model designs.

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