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Kiosks for Digital Form Filling

Enabling customers to fill out forms digitally is of great value to any self-service kiosk. The value to the owner of the kiosk is simple: rather than the data sitting on a piece of paper, it is electronic and can be moved, copied, sorted, and stored easily by a computer.

For organizations that traditionally have all their forms on paper, moving towards a paperless use model will only enhance processes and workflow, especially in today’s business world with the need to keep socially distant.  

A great example of this is with housing authorities. We have talked to many such organizations that need to accept applications and renewal forms, but want to do so in a safe and contact-free manner. Such forms can either be filled in directly as an interactive PDF if they are in the correct format, or easily converted into that format with a web-based form for electronic submission. 

Lobby Kiosk with Web Form


  • Promotes social distancing through self-service function and remote management
  • Saves time by allowing customers to fill in forms electronically
  • Tagging system makes for easy and accurate organization
  • All-in-one system for all of your paperwork
  • Secure and accessible


  • Easily link and display editable PDF forms
  • Create new web forms based on existing paper forms
  • Marks forms with a timestamp for when it was filled out
  • Can print a receipt proving a customer filled out a form
  • Submit forms electronically using encrypted email or file upload

Recommended Kiosks and Software

The Advanced Kiosks Documentation Kiosk is our best-selling model for scanning documents, bill payment, and filling out various forms. This kiosk, along with our ZAMOK™ software, allows customers to fill out forms, scan in accompanying documents, and encrypt the results for secure review and filing. 

For organizations that have all their forms in electronic formats, the kiosk software is easy to set up. Our Zamok Kiosk Management Software has many templates for the main screen with six, eight, or twelve programmable buttons. Each button can be labeled for a specific form and then programmed to load the form when selected by the kiosk user. After the form is filled out, the kiosk can be configured to print out a receipt or a copy of the form.

There are many types of forms and even more options. When planning to use a self-service kiosk to accept forms, there are some important aspects to consider:

  • Type of Form – a form is typically an interactive PDF, or a set of web pages created from existing paper forms. We can break up existing forms into a set of individual questions where answers are easily given with yes/no questions, drop down menus, or numeric inputs.
  • Data Upload – forms can be printed out, sent as a secure email, or uploaded to a database.  

Our knowledgeable project managers and sales consultants can describe the options for types of forms, and how the data is best handled for your organization. We often discuss issues such as user privacy, how long it will take a customer to fill out the form, complexity of the form, workflow, and data security. Give us a call today and ask how we can get your forms onto the right kiosk.