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Housing Authority Kiosks for Efficiency and Safety

Self-service kiosk solutions have a considerable impact on a Housing Authority. Save time through automating menial tasks such as:

  • Pay Rent & Bills
  • Apply for Housing
  • Scan & Print Documents
  • Form Fill
  • Retrieve Documents
  • Maintenance Requests

Coming soon: Office Extension Version 3.0!

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Benefits of Automating Your Housing Authority

With kiosks for Housing Authorities, you can also:

  • Establish a Secure Portal.
  • Create an Attractive Welcome Center.
  • Increase Staff Efficiency.
  • Reduce Visitor Wait Times.
  • Improve Customer Service.
  • Lower Operational and Labor Costs.
  • Track Data for Reports and Statistics.
  • Preserve Valuable Resource.

View our Housing Authority Case Study, Blog and Sample Interface

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Sample Housing Authority Interface

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YES! We support your THIRD-party software!

*Advanced Kiosks is not affiliated with any of these fine companies. Zamok allows your users to securely log into their user accounts, where they can access most functionality they would have a home computer. If they walk away they will be logged out and the cache will be cleared. Functions of file uploads and notification are limited to the companies that have allowed us to access to an API. Ask your sales associate for more information.


Features and Use Cases

Our Housing Authority kiosk solution comes with a wealth of features and options that add significant value to your processes and customer service. Click on the options below to learn more.

Document Scanner G Icon

Guide users through scanning and securely sending documents.

Form Fill G Icon

Provide a paperless, contactless method for filling out documents.

Printing and Media G Icon

Variety of options, like full-size, label, ticket, and receipt printing.

Bill Payment G Icon

Secure, electronic payment system for paying bills, rent, taxes, and fines.

Call Us and VoIP G Icon

Place phone calls through a directory or slideshow of quick-dial buttons.

Video Conferencing G Icon

Provide face-to-face support to customers from one location.

Interpretation G Icon

Support your Housing Authority clients in a variety of languages.

Lobby G Icon

A kiosk is the perfect way to modernize the lobby of any building.

Information Access G Icon

A perfect way to get information across to the people who need it.

Queuing G Icon

Manage your lines and waiting lists with self-service kiosks.

Check-In G Icon

Interactive kiosks provide a boost into service performance.

Successful Housing Authority Customers

Hennepin County Housing Authority
Housing Authority, MN

Olmsted County Housing Authority
Olmsted County, MN

Orange County Housing Authority
Orange County, FL

Redevelopment Authority
Butler, PA

Pitt County Housing Authority
Pitt County, NC

Quincy Housing Authority
Quincy, MA

Huntingburg Housing Authority
Huntingburg, IN

Blue Earth County Housing Authority
Blue Earth County, MN

Jackson Housing Commission
Jackson, MI

Mesilla Valley Housing Authority
Mesilla Valley, NM

Portland Housing Authority
Portland, ME

City of Pittsburg Housing Authority
Pittsburg, CA

Housing Authority Customers


From providing electronic resources to patrons for paying bills, fines, and rent to document scanning and form management, automated self service can have a huge impact on your Housing Authority.

We have worked with many customers in both housing authority and government industries, including Quincy, Orange County, and Olmsted County Housing Authorities. We have also provided similar solutions for Arlington National Cemetery, Rhode Island National Guard, and State of Maine (DHHS).

Recommended Products for Housing Authorities

OfficeExtension Brochure
Kiosks for Housing Authority
Kiosks for Housing Authority
Kiosks for Housing Authority
Kiosks for Housing Authority
Kiosks for Housing Authority

User Interface for Housing Authorities 

Customer facing software to provide features and services like making payments, scanning documents, and filling out applications.

Our proprietary software comes with customizable templates. You decide what applications and content to include and how it should look. Colors and imagery are all editable to match your Housing Authority’s branding and needs.

Choose what services you want to provide, like scanning documents or filling out forms, and provide one-click buttons to get the process started, guiding your users step-by-step.

Kiosk Management software

Our proprietary, background software to provide functionality and security.

Our ZAMOK™ Kiosk Software suite maximizes the functionality and value of your interactive kiosk solution. It is this added value that puts Advanced Kiosks’ products head and shoulders above other kiosk manufacturers.

Not only does it provide kiosk security, management tools, hardware support, and increased functionality, but Zamok also enables ease of integration with third party software, tools, and content.

Already own a touch screen kiosk but need software? Our team can install Zamok on your kiosk’s computer and have you up and running in no time.

Kiosk Management Visual Guide


Use this guide as an orientation tool when setting up your Kiosk’s interface. It is intended to introduce you to Zamok’s customization capabilities so that you can maximize the value of your kiosk solution.

Update everything right from your desktop!

  • Simply point, click & follow easy onscreen directions to customize your Kiosk’s interface.
  • Instant updates from your PC straight to your Kiosk.

The Advanced Kiosks Process

The Advanced Kiosks Process

We are here for you

Advanced Kiosks wants to ensure you understand and are comfortable with the process of getting your kiosks up and running.

Reach out today, and a member of our team will answer your questions and get your project started.

Kiosks 101

Interactive Kiosks

An interactive kiosk is a complete, self-service solution that delivers your services to those who need them with ease and functionality.

A kiosk solution has three parts:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • User Interface

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the use cases for a housing authority kiosk?

Use cases for self-service kiosks for housing authorities include:

  • Scanning
  • Form fill
  • Printing
  • VoIP
  • Bill pay 
  • Video support
  • Language translation
  • Self check-in
  • Information access

What interactive kiosks are recommended for housing authorities?

We offer many self-service kiosk models for housing authorities, but some of the most popular kiosks include:

What are the benefits of a kiosk for housing authorities?

Housing authorities across the country are benefiting from self-service kiosks. Increased staff efficiency, improved customer service, lower operational and labor costs, and creating a secure portal are just some of the benefits of interactive kiosks.

To view more benefits click here.

Do self-service kiosks accept rent payments?

Yes! Our kiosks can come equipped with a credit card reader and bill payment capabilities. 

To learn more about payment processing for self-service kiosks, click here.

Does Advanced Kiosks hold a GSA contract?

Yes! Attaining the GSA contract approval is not easy and speaks volumes about the quality standards and reputation of Advanced Kiosks. We are very proud to take part in this program, and have proven to be instrumental in better serving our national customer base.

Learn more about GSA here.