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For over 20 years, Advanced Kiosks has specialized in developing self-service solutions for many industries. Our American-made kiosk machines are all backed with a 3 year warranty. Our Zamok kiosk management software delivers on both security and the ability to get things done for your company.

We do more than just manufacture self-service kiosks. We provide end-to-end solutions that can help your organization become more efficient while at the same time providing an outstanding user experience. Options range from a basic touchscreen solution to an enclosed booth for maximum privacy.



Self-Service Kiosk Machines

Advanced Kiosks is one of the leading kiosk vendors in the country. We manufacture kiosk solutions for a variety of applications, including courthouse services, remote office applications, interpretation, and much more. Our self-service kiosk solutions can help lower operational and labor costs and reduce demands on your staff.


Kiosk Management Software

Our proprietary ZAMOK™ Kiosk Software suite maximizes the functionality and value of your interactive kiosk solution, providing kiosk security, management tools, hardware support, and increased functionality. The software also enables ease of integration with third-party software, tools, and content.


Kiosk Application Development

Our engineers can work with your team to develop the solution you need. Advanced Kiosks’ hardware and software is specifically designed to support dozens of different external devices and third-party software packages.

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Complete Kiosk Systems

Kiosks have become an integral part of the modern customer experience, providing a variety of functions beyond just digital signage. Information kiosks, wayfinding kiosks, internet kiosks, and ordering kiosks are just a few examples of the different types of kiosks available to enhance customer service and satisfaction.

By utilizing kiosks in different settings, businesses can reduce wait times, increase efficiency, and create a more seamless customer experience. Kiosk enclosures can be designed to blend in with a company’s branding, adding to the overall customer experience. At trade shows, kiosks can serve as a point of sale or a way to provide attendees with information about products and services. By incorporating various types of kiosks, companies can offer a range of services and ultimately create a better customer experience.

Self-Service Kiosk Manufacturer

Advanced Kiosks is one of the top kiosk vendors and computer kiosk machine manufacturer in the country, specializing in interactive kiosk software and hardware systems. Our in-house team of engineers are experts with 20 years of experience solving problems with touchscreen kiosks and self-service technology.​

At Advanced Kiosks, we blend user experience design with software functionality and interactive touchscreen system capability to create the custom kiosk experience your customers want and your business needs.​

Information Kiosk at NH Governors office

We have delivered custom interactive kiosk machine hardware and software solutions for dozens of industries around the globe.

Our in-house team of designers and engineers are expert self-service integrators with experience in using touchscreen kiosk and self-service technology to solve your problems.

With extensive experience creating end-to-end computer kiosk solutions, we are the partner you need to get the job done.

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