Advanced Kiosks’ GSA Contracts

Attaining the GSA Contract approval is not easy and speaks volumes about the quality standards and reputation of Advanced Kiosks. We are very proud to take part in this program and it has proven to be instrumental in better serving our national customer base.

We are very pleased to share that Advanced Kiosks is an approved vendor to the ‘General Services Administration (GSA) Advantage! Online shopping website’. Any Advantage! member gets a significant discount off of our products to ensure that government organizations get the absolute lowest price for their product.

The GSA is an organization that provides products, services, and facilities to federal agencies so that they may serve the public. They are responsible for helping federal agencies build office spaces, procure services and products, preserve historic federal property, and maintain policies on travel, property management, and efficient government operations. Only 1% of the GSA’s total budget comes from congressional appropriations. The majority of the cost is covered by the products and services it offers. It was founded on July 1, 1949, by President Harry Truman.

Why the GSA Program Matters

  • Allows vendors to deliver better value and savings
  • Elevates the ability to serve partners
  • Expands opportunities for small businesses
  • More sustainable government projects
  • Encourages businesses to lead with innovation
  • Building a stronger GSA Organization

Read more about the GSA vendor program in this post entitled, “What is the General Services Administration?“.