Interactive Kiosks Solve Problems

We are a self-service kiosk company, focused on interactive computer hardware & software, but at the very core of it all, we are problem solvers.  Advanced Kiosks was built up through its parent company H32, an organization that takes on challenges for its customers, and designs the solutions they need by utilizing years of experience & expertise across many engineering disciplines.

Advanced Kiosks Solves Problems“It’s about solving problems…”

So, when you come to us with a question or a prospective project, remember, we are not here to simply sell you a kiosk.  We want to help you overcome a challenge, exceed your goals, and succeed for years to come.  Your success is our success and we emphasize that fact from the beginning of the process through the lifetime of your interactive kiosks. The journey to getting the tools you need, whether it is hardware, software, kiosk related or not, begins here.