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To make self-service kiosk technology beautiful and easy to use for our customers and the users of our products.


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We are a kiosk model and kiosk software business located in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. Advanced Kiosks has been in the kiosk industry for over 15 years, and we have developed the perfect full-package solution for any business. View our video to learn about who we are and how we can better enhance your company. Our team keeps your goals on time and within budget! Explore the site and reach out to one of our kiosk professionals if you have any questions or would like to get started with your kiosk project.



Advanced Kiosks is one of the largest kiosk companies in the country. It was first established in 2000 as a division of H32 Design and Development LLC, an engineering company. Located in Franklin, NH, we design and develop kiosks in America, purchasing all kiosk parts from American owned and operated companies in the area.

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We create kiosk software and hardware for companies in search for a kiosk solution. While some kiosk software is sold separately, we also saw the value of creating a solid-base software package included and preinstalled in every kiosk. This software keeps the kiosk healthy and our customers happy. Our kiosk software ranges from queuing, wayfinding, event scheduling, to hibernation and application monitoring.



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What comes included with my computer kiosk?

All kiosk models come with an included software package preinstalled in your kiosk. This software package is designed to increase the longevity of your kiosk by keeping you informed and saving you time and energy. Also included is the choice of 10 standard powder coat paint and a flash drive pre-loaded with your kiosk and software manuals. For your convenience, we also print a Quick Start Guide to help you get your kiosk set-up in a fast efficient manner.

Once my kiosk is ordered, how long will it be until I receive it?

The allotted time for a kiosk to be shipped to your location is 3-5 weeks (5-7 weeks during holiday season). This can fluctuate depending on your project. If you need a custom kiosk solution or kiosk software designed we work with your team to get you what you need for your deadline.

Will I hear from Advanced Kiosk after I receive my kiosk(s)?

Yes, we have been in the kiosk company for over 15 years and we follow-up with our customers to give them the best kiosk experience we can offer. We also include a Quick Start Guide to help our customers set up their kiosk with ease.

How do I make changes to my kiosk?

You can make changes to your kiosk at the kiosk, or by using our Zamok Cloud Management software to set-up your kiosk. We offer a complimentary 30-day trial of our cloud software to help get your kiosk set-up.

Can kiosks be in unsupervised locations?

This varies by kiosk model, but our kiosks are made entirely by American products and are designed to be durable and to withstand a lot of use.

Do you offer kiosk software?

Yes, we offer a variety of kiosk software. Our included kiosk software is installed on every computer kiosk we ship and was designed to enhance the quality of your kiosk.

Lobby Attendant Software is a building directory and way finding software for welcoming guests and providing assistance.

EventsNOW is a promotional online event calendar for companies to display events and calendars for visitors to view what is going on, and who to contact for more details

Qline is a simple and affordable queuing software  built to organize and structure waiting rooms

Zamok Suite – Kiosk linking software for credit card readers, scanners, voip, printers & more.

Are there any kiosk discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts and specials at various times of the year. Contact a sales representative to learn more about what we offer.

How far in advance should I begin my kiosk project?

The sooner you talk with us the better informed you will be of what kiosk model and software solutions meet your needs. We work with our customers to create a kiosk solution that fits their needs by applying kiosk options (credit cards, biometrics, voip), kiosk software (welcoming interfaces or custom designs) as well as color and graphic choices.