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“To make self-service kiosk technology beautiful and easy to use for our customers and the users of our products”


Advanced Kiosks is one of the leading kiosk companies in the USA, a manufacturer and solution provider, experienced in kiosk fabrication as well as software design and development.

Based out of Concord, New Hampshire, Advanced Kiosks has been in the kiosk industry for over 20 years and is experienced in developing the perfect full-package solution for any business. 

about advanced kiosks



Advanced Kiosks has been a leader and innovator in the self-service computer kiosk industry for close to 20 years with the history to prove it.



Advanced Kiosks is a unique, complete kiosk solution company. We work closely with you to understand and solve your exact kiosk business needs.



We are proud to have worked with so many great companies. Kiosk projects can be read about in each client’s individual success story.



Advanced Kiosks is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Advanced Kiosks is an equal-opportunity employer.

One of the leading kiosk companies in the USA

Advanced Kiosks technical sales representatives are not typical sales staff. When you contact us for information, an experienced Kiosk Project Consultant will work with you to determine the best self-service technology solution for your interactive project. Our Project Consultants will ask the right questions to make recommendations and assemble the perfect interactive kiosk solution to ensure your project is a success.


Our in-house engineers develop interactive computer kiosks that are tough, quiet, easy to install and require almost no maintenance. The attention we pay to influential elements such as backward compatible options (meaning you can add many hardware options or software solutions to your kiosk(s) after installation), the environment a kiosk is exposed to, and how secure the location of a kiosk is, to name just a few, allow us to build interactive kiosks that are not only great for business, but that will last for years. This is directly aligned with our mission which is, “To make self-service technology beautiful and easy to use for everyone.”


When you choose Advanced Kiosks for your self service technology project, you can expect superior quality. Advanced Kiosks was founded on the principle of providing total solutions built with commercial grade hardware and custom-developed software across a variety of industries. With this philosophy of uncompromising quality and included kiosk software, Advanced Kiosks is delivering a new level of customer service to the self-service computer kiosk market. All products are tested thoroughly and never ship unless they pass rigorous evaluation. Our team of experienced engineers keep the bar high and it shows with our outstanding track record of customer satisfaction and product performance in the field.


All of our interactive kiosks have been designed with commercial grade components for heavy use in a public environment. We understand that over time the intended use of your kiosks may change, which is why our designs are flexible enough to accommodate for new interactive projects. At any time you can add printers, credit card readers, wheels, software solutions and many more options to add to your kiosks’ current functionalities or to re-purpose your kiosks for a new audience. Need to change direction? No problem. Simply give us a call and we will help you upgrade your kiosk to meet your needs.