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Whether it requires a standard kiosk product, custom engineering, or some minor modifications, our project consultants will advise you to ensure the best possible end result. Our experienced team can review your project needs and guide you to the right solution.


All Advanced Kiosks products are made with top grade, quality components, selected for the best possible performance. This is a result of years of experience engineering kiosk solutions and evolving products to meet changing demands. Get to know some of the self-service technologies we have available for you, and which is best for your situation.


kiosk models

Advanced Kiosks offers a selection of different self-service kiosk models for all your applications.


options & peripherals

Choose from a selection of options for your kiosks to add a great amount of value to your self-service kiosk project.


Kiosk Warranty

Most of Advanced Kiosks’ hardware products include a Three Year Warranty and access to a variety of technical support options.


Kiosk Quality

Providing complete self-service solutions, Advanced Kiosks builds machines with high quality, American made materials and custom software user interfaces.


The heart of every computer kiosk is the software that it runs. Advanced Kiosks offers a suite of applications that help you get the most out of your kiosk.


Kiosk management tools

Powerful suite of kiosk management software providing security, administrative tools, hardware support, and integration with third party software.


building directories

Intuitive wayfinding and building directory kiosk software. Customize the look and layout, add pictures and branding, create maps, and much more.


dynamic queuing

Dynamic queuing kiosk software solution designed for check-in, processing, and visitor data gathering. Display queue status and notify visitors via text message.


tributes & memorials

Fallen Heroes is part of the TRIBUTE™ kiosk software family. An elegant interactive memorial for veterans, law enforcement, or any branch of service.


school showcase

School Spirit Showcase from the TRIBUTE™ kiosk software family. An engaging platform that highlights alumni, sports, and the best of your institution.

Technology Considerations

Interactive kiosks are modern Internet of Things (IoT) devices. From security considerations to ADA compliance, get to know some of the self-service technologies we have available to you and which is best for your situation.


kiosk security

When deploying technology, security must be a top concern. From retail cybersecurity to HIPAA compliance, our engineers make sure all the bases are covered.


ada compliance

When it comes to accessibility and 508 compliance, Advanced Kiosks is at the top of the curve delivering self-service solutions to meet the needs of all.



A self-service kiosk needs the right computer driving it to achieve optimal results. Explore the factors that go into selecting the proper machine.


Touch Screen Technology

This information can help you make an informed decision when purchasing your touch screen kiosk for any self service application.

Expert Guidance

We know our customers look to us as the kiosk experts which is why we have invested time and effort into our service offerings. From planning and design through production, deployment, management and support, Advanced Kiosks will guide you every step of the way to a complete and successful Kiosk launch. We’ve got you covered.

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