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Organizations have been restructuring how their Human Resource departments function, moving from a more traditional, administrative role into a department focused on what is most important – their people. Self-service technology makes it easy for HR departments to invest their time towards the organization’s long term strategy, talent acquisition, and improved employee engagement. Organizations are rapidly making the shift by investing in HR technology, such as HR Kiosks, which partner with their Human Resources Management Software (HRMS). More specifically, these departments are utilizing employee self-service (ESS) as their cost and time savings solution, a feature available through the HRMS they are already using.



Hardware Document Kiosk with Printer
Add-ons Scanner
Software Zamok Foundation
Zamok: Homepage
Zamok: Scanning Solution
Zamok: VOIP
Service & Support Advanced Support
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Big Box Retailers
Department Stores
Amusement Parks
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Document-Kiosk-front-Left-Scanner-halfTHE KIOSK

For the best Human Resources solution package, we have selected the popular and versatile Document Kiosk. (If you prefer a different interactive kiosk, please let us know.) Our Document kiosk is one of the most versatile kiosk on the market. This kiosk is already equipped with a printer (for documents, pay stubs, applications), a keyboard (for faster input).  This allows people to accomplish a variety of tasks at a single location, and doesn’t tie up any additional resources to do so.



Any web based  HR software will work on the Document kiosk, and we added a scanner for employees to upload documents, such as: drivers license, birth certificate, relevant documents.  You can also add a VOIP handset to assist with questions, or allow them to call different departments.

The Document kiosk can also be equipped with a privacy filter.  This would allow the person using the kiosk to have privacy while filling out forms, and keep anyone else from seeing their private and sensitive information.  The filter only allows the person directly in front of the monitor to see the screen, while it looks dark and shaded from the side.



We also include our kiosk management software programs, Zamok Foundation, and Zamok Homepage. Zamok Foundation will lock down your HR kiosks, so they cannot be tampered with and so that individuals aren’t able to surf the web. This will also ensure that your computer kiosks are running smoothly at all times. Zamok Homepage Solution allows you to easily customize the interface on your touch screen kiosks, directing your employees to multiple HR options from your website or HR software.  Make it easy for everyone to navigate to a specific need they have, cutting down the time to file a piece of paper or getting a paystub by directly going to a link and completing the task at hand.

Do you like the solution, but the hardware doesn’t quite match your situation?

That’s fine!  Customization is a big part of what we do, and when it comes to solving your problem, that is our priority.  If there is something about this package you would like to change, modify, or swap out, just contact us through the link below and tell us what you need.   A member of our team will be in touch to find out the details of your project and how we can best engineer a solution for you.



That’s right. It’s about you, and we want to help you in improving operations and the performance of your organization or project. The first part of that is making sure you have the right information, so feel free to download our brochures.


Does this kiosk replace employees?
Not at all. In fact, it’s more like an assistant and the return on investment is seen most likely after a few short months.  Instead of your dedicated HR team answering the same basic questions on readily available information, or processing documentation they can now focus on higher level tasks and genuinely improve relations and productivity. The possibilities really are endless.

Our department is overwhelmed as it is – how much time and effort does this take to get setup and keep going?
Generally, a couple hours to be up and running. Adding paper takes just a minute. Your HR To-Do list – watch out!

What happens if it stops working?
Not only do we design, engineer and manufacture all our products, but we fully support them too. If your IT Department is just as busy, add our Advanced Support option and hire us. We’ll help over the phone and even remote into the kiosk to troubleshoot when needed. Rest at ease!

I don’t want employees browsing the internet, or tampering with the kiosk. Is this possible?
Yes! ZAMOK browser is a fullscreen application we have developed specifically for kiosks that let’s you lock down the kiosk to any web address. Create a list of approved sites to block employees from everything you don’t want them to do.  This is INCLUDED with your kiosk.

I want Employees to use a few different services on different websites, but I don’t have an easy way to present them, how can I do this?
I like how you think! Zamok Homepage Solution will do this with ease! This is an add on service and thankfully you can check off this task in minutes. Choose one of the available templates, change the background image, add a logo and define how many and which button you want to go where. The first screen employees now see will give them clear and easy options.