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Restaurant Kiosks Infographic: Your Simple Solution for Restaurants and Bars

March 16, 2017

By: Kelsie Collins, Content Writer & Editor

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What is a restaurant kiosk?

Restaurant kiosks are often small, counter top kiosks that can be used by both the customer and waitstaff to order drinks and food, call for service, and for bill pay.

1.Cut Back on Wait Times

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you understand the importance of cutting back wait times. During a rush, employees get flustered, food comes out late, and waitstaff get lower tips. When you implement a kiosk, each customer has the ability to serve themselves on small tasks, giving waitstaff more time to provide better service.

2.Increase Profits

The return on investment for kiosks is high because it cuts costs and improves profits. Using a kiosk, you spend less on paper resources, payroll, and order mess-ups (the customer is less likely to get their own order wrong). Also, these restaurants saw profit through self-ordering because the customers were more likely to buy pricier foods on the kiosk.


“Taco Bell saw 20% pricier orders on their digital app”

“Chili’s saw a 20% increase in dessert sales”

“Cinemagic saw concession spending climb for 32 straight quarters”

“A pizza chain saw 3% more calories ordered and 14% more special instructions”

“McDonald’s saw a 30% check increase / 20% more drinks bought”

3.Room for Innovation

Restaurants all over the country have been using these kiosks for many innovative purposes, such as…

-Food Delivery (for bars without a kitchen)


-Self-Service beer taps

4.Kiosks versus Tablets


-Made with Commercial Grade Materials

-On average, lasts about 10+ years

-3-5 year warranty

-Tamper proof


-Made with Consumer Grade Materials

-On average, lasts about 3 years

-1-2 year warranty

-Easily tampered with

In Conclusion…

Kiosks help increase customer satisfaction and safety, save money, and resources used by the restaurant. Cutting back on wait times also increases the time for innovation, which allows restaurant owners to come up with the newest uses for kiosks. Contact a project consultant at (603)865-1000 to get help designing the right kiosk project for you.