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Advanced Kiosks is a member of Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance

Our team at Advanced Kiosks is now a member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. Intel’s commitment to technology solutions and smart device design made this alliance a natural fit. Much like Intel technology, Advanced Kiosks is committed to designing interactive kiosks that go beyond today’s self-service needs.

Intel is a world leader in advancing the Internet of Things (IoT), designing experiences and developing technology through engineering expertise. Their foundation of problem-solving and technology advancement is what drew Advanced Kiosks to their community of over 500 IoT leaders.

By joining this alliance, Advanced Kiosks is one step closer to producing the self-service machines of tomorrow. Founded on the principle of providing complete self-service solutions, Advanced Kiosks offers many products and services. We are a hardware manufacturer, custom kiosk software developer, and a user experience design team. The marriage of these three services is what makes Advanced Kiosks an industry leader.

This alliance will continue to inspire our commitment to forward-thinking turnkey solutions. Advanced Kiosks plans to use and share information on this platform. We will also be posting updates about our products and services. As technology grows, Advanced Kiosks will continue to evolve and bring value to our customers.

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