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The past several months have seen a flurry of activity here at Advanced Kiosks, with a variety of new products and updates to existing products being introduced.

Here are just a few of the exciting changes happening at our Concord, N.H., facility, along with a glimpse of those working behind the scenes and a look at what the latest research into self-service technology is demonstrating.


Customer News


Olmsted County Rolls Out 11 Office Extensions

Olmsted County, Minnesota’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) collaborated with Advanced Kiosks to revolutionize their service delivery by introducing an innovative self-service solution. Faced with the challenge of streamlining operations and reducing time spent on routine tasks, the HRA implemented a pilot program with an initial test kiosk from Advanced Kiosks.
Encouraged by the positive feedback, they expanded their initiative, installing an additional ten Office Extension kiosks across various public facilities such as libraries and Community Service centers.

Another Installation!                                               Tribute Station


Custom Tribute Solution for Roslyn Cemeteries

In the historic cemeteries of Roslyn, WA, an innovative project is underway, transforming the way they connect with and preserve the legacy of the past. This initiative, a collaboration with Advanced Kiosks (and customized variation of the Tribute Station), integrates cutting-edge kiosk and software technology to create an interactive digital archive. The Roslyn Cemetery kiosk serves as a gateway to the rich histories of individuals resting in these sacred grounds, allowing visitors and families to explore and contribute to a living tapestry of memories.

The kiosk is not only a digital storyteller but also a navigator, guiding users to specific grave sites with ease. By entering a name, visitors can access detailed profiles, complete with photographs and stories, bridging the gap between past and present. The users can also snap a QR code with their phone and take the cemetery maps with them!

This project is a shining example of how technology can enhance connection to history, bringing communities together to celebrate and remember their shared heritage.

Another Installation!                                           Office Extension

smoc Interface

South Middlesex Opportunity Council - Providing Vital Services to the Community

Advanced Kiosks has proudly partnered with the South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) to create a tailored kiosk interface on a Document Kiosk, a solution equipped with translation functionality, a document scanner, VOIP functionality, and wheels for easy relocation.  

This innovative kiosk is designed to tackle the challenges faced by SMOC’s diverse clientele, notably reducing language barriers and ensuring that crucial information is readily available to all residents. 

customers for self service newsletter

Visit our Customers page to learn more about how our products are being used to impact organizations around the world!

Another Installation!                                               Tribute Station

Bridgewater Memorial Kiosk

Bridgewater, CT - Tribute Station Memorial Kiosk Installation

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Bridgewater, CT Veterans Memorial – the Tribute Station Memorial Kiosk.

Bridgewater needed an interface not just to display the service categories, but to also display all of the conflicts their local heroes participated in. Advanced Kiosks customized their interface to address this issue. 

Through intuitive navigation, users can easily explore, via service, name, or conflict, and pay homage to the brave individuals who have served our nation with valor and dedication.

This advanced technology not only enhances the accessibility of information but also ensures that the stories and sacrifices of our veterans remain vividly remembered and cherished by generations to come. 

Another Installation!                                                  School Spirit

Seabrook School Spirit

Seabrook NH School Spirit

Exciting news for residents and visitors of Seabrook, NH! The town has recently installed two state-of-the-art Wall Mounted kiosks at key locations: one in the Seabrook Recreation Center and another at the Seabrook Library.

These innovative installations feature a customized version of the School Spirit software, offering convenient access to the Seabrook Elementary School, Middle School, and High School websites, as well as the town library and recreation center resources.

What sets these kiosks apart is their dynamic functionality – each entity has its own dedicated page that can be remotely updated to showcase photos, upcoming events, and important announcements.

With this seamless integration of technology, Seabrook is enhancing community engagement and ensuring easy access to vital information for all.

Another Installation!               AK Visitor Management System

large touch screen interactive kiosk in government building lobby

Montgomery county, VA Visitor Management

Montgomery County, Virginia, has taken a significant step forward in enhancing visitor experiences by integrating a cutting-edge pedestal kiosk into their building lobby.

This custom interface kiosk, developed by Advanced Kiosks, serves as a dynamic visitor directory, enabling guests to effortlessly access contact details and locations of personnel within the building.

It’s a move that not only streamlines the visitor check-in process but also exemplifies the county’s commitment to leveraging technology for more efficient public service. 

Another Installation!                                                 AK CityGuide

Newport Interface

Newport, VT CityGuide Installation

Introducing the latest addition to the Newport, VT community – the Advanced Kiosks Outdoor Monolith, equipped with a customized version of AK City Guide software. This innovative installation is a one-stop destination for discovering all that Newport has to offer, from activities to shops, restaurants, and beyond.

View the interface! 


Kiosk FormFlow

Kiosk FormFlow

FormFlow refers to the logical sequence and design of forms within a self-service application. It encompasses the flow from one field to another, the layout of questions, and how information is collected and processed. Form Flow even lets you populate one of your existing PDF forms with the digitized answers created during the flow.

What Makes a Formflow Successful?

An optimal FormFlow design ensures that users can navigate through forms intuitively, inputting necessary information without confusion or frustration. It guides users through a seamless journey, making complex processes feel simple and manageable. It reduces cognitive load by presenting information and input fields in a logical order, minimizing the likelihood of errors and the need for corrections.

New Feature!

New Feature: Zamok Edge Extender

Zamok Edge Extender simplifies communication between hardware and front-end (Web)software. This feature enables electronic components like LED strips, fans, motion sensors, PLC, and more to communicate directly with your web application via our Zamok API.

The combination of these two worlds opens up a plethora of different kiosk integrations and allows your project to reach out into the physical world!

Contact us for more information.

New Feature!

FaceLock Security

Detecting Humans, Not People

Introducing the latest groundbreaking feature from Zamok Kiosk Management Software: FaceLock. This cutting-edge innovation utilizes facial recognition technology to seamlessly manage kiosk session workflows, revolutionizing the user experience without compromising privacy.

With FaceLock, the kiosk intelligently tracks user presence through facial detection, ensuring uninterrupted sessions. Should a user move out of the camera’s field-of-view or if no faces are detected, the session gracefully resets, providing a seamless and secure interaction every time.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Enhanced Trust and Confidence: Demonstrate your commitment to data protection, building stronger relationships with your customers and stakeholders.
  • Reduced Liability Exposure: Mitigate the risks associated with data breaches and privacy violations, protecting your business from potential legal and reputational consequences.
  • Efficient Operations: Eliminate the need for manual logout procedures, streamlining processes and improving overall operational efficiency.

CLICK HERE to learn more.


Office Extension Impacting Organizations Across Industries

Organizations of all types face a common challenge in today’s economy. In spite of the price of everything from rent and utilities to office supplies and labor on the rise, those organizations need to find ways to provide services without a large capital investment.

One of the ways they are meeting that challenge is with Advanced Kiosks’ Office Extension Software. Office Extension 3.0 is a complete solution of hardware and software which can be configured to a deployer’s needs, allowing them to combine the automation of services and paperwork with the convenience of 24-hour customer access.

Customers can fill out forms, scan documents, look up services, check in to appointments, and print forms and documents as needed, instantly sending those forms and scanned documents to the deploying organization. The solution also provides weekly reports and notifications, Keeping the organization up to speed on its kiosk operations.

Office Extension Software is reshaping the way organizations serve their clientele. Whether it’s assisting customers with form filling, scanning documents, checking appointment availability, or printing forms on-demand, Office Extension 3.0 is there to help. This dynamic solution not only enhances the user experience but also aids in information accuracy.

Want to see how Office Extension 3.0 can benefit your organization? Contact us today!

Company NEWS

Zamok Kiosk Management

Seeking Current Customers For Zamok New Features Demonstration

Advanced Kiosks is excited to invite our valued customers to an exclusive opportunity to experience the latest enhancements in our Zamok Kiosk Management Software. We’re seeking current users who are eager to explore and provide feedback on new features we’re rolling out.

This is a unique chance to get a firsthand look at innovative updates, influence future developments, and ensure that the software continues to meet your evolving needs.

  • Zamok FaceLock – Biometric solution that automatically secures personal data at the kiosks by ending sessions when the anonymous user’s face is no longer detected
  • Zamok Popup Info Movie – The Zamok Informational Popup feature can now include movie files!
  • Zamok Day/Night Scheduler – Customize the kiosk homepage interface and available options to align with operational periods, delivering a user experience that adjusts between business hours and after-hours
  • Zamok Edge Extender – Integrates hardware components like LED strips, fans, and sensors with web software through an API and microcontroller module

By participating, you’ll play a crucial role in shaping the tools that help drive your kiosk’s success.

If you’re interested in being at the forefront of kiosk technology and want to help us fine-tune our latest offerings, we’d love to hear from you.


Advanced Kiosks Celebrates Exceptional CPARS Rating and Successful Government Projects

Advanced Kiosks Celebrates Exceptional CPARS Rating & Successful Government Projects

This past year has been a landmark period for Advanced Kiosks, marked by significant achievements and collaborations with government entities.

We are proud to announce that our efforts have been recognized with an Exceptional rating in the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). This prestigious rating reflects our commitment to delivering superior quality and performance in federal contracts. Our success in this arena is exemplified by our recent partnership with the U.S.

Our Exceptional CPARS rating is a testament to our dedication across various aspects of contract fulfillment, including quality, schedule adherence, cost control, and management.


kiosk report

Upgraded Weekly Kiosk Usage Reports

Weekly ReportStarting this week, Zamok Software subscribers will receive detailed insights into each of your kiosk’s performance directly into your inbox.  There will be one report per kiosk, offering a detailed overview of that kiosk’s activities, including:

1. Individualized Reports: The enhanced reports are generated and sent separately for each of your kiosks. So if you have a fleet of 8 kiosks, you’ll receive 8 tailored reports, enabling you to analyze performance metrics for each kiosk independently.

2. Easy Kiosk Identification: To quickly identify which kiosk each report pertains to, the kiosk name is clearly listed in the email subject line. The subject line will be Advanced Kiosks, Weekly usage Report for [kiosk name].

3. Prominent Kiosk Details: The name and physical location of the kiosk are highlighted in the first section of the report, providing at-a-glance context. The name can be changed if needed.

4. Helpful Resources: Watch for the new weekly email banner featuring the latest news, new product and features, tips and best practices from Advanced Kiosks. You’ll also find a quick link to our blog for additional helpful content.

5. Focused Metrics: The usage statistics and charts in each report are specific to the individual kiosk, allowing you to accurately assess the performance and usage patterns of each unit in your fleet.

Please see more information here:


Onboarding & Customer Success

Advanced Kiosks’ comprehensive onboarding service is designed to streamline the deployment and operation of self-service kiosks, ensuring clients achieve their project goals efficiently. From the initial kickoff meeting to detailed setup and training, clients are guided every step of the way.

During the kickoff, goals are established, timelines are set, and all client queries are addressed, ensuring a clear roadmap for the project’s success. The setup phase involves thorough training on using the Zamok software, empowering clients to manage their kiosks effectively. This phase culminates in a seamless shipment and installation process, with Advanced Kiosks overseeing every detail to ensure the kiosks are operational and online without a hitch.

Post-installation, Advanced Kiosks’ onboarding service transitions into the Customer Success Phase, focusing on the kiosk’s performance and user experience. Through 30-day and 90-day reviews, the onboarding specialist collaborates with clients to analyze data, identify trends, and make necessary adjustments to optimize the kiosk’s functionality.

This ongoing support not only ensures that the kiosks deliver their intended benefits but also allows clients to concentrate on their core business, confident in the knowledge that their kiosk infrastructure is in expert hands. Advanced Kiosks’ onboarding is not just a process—it’s a partnership aimed at maximizing the success and impact of each self-service project.


The solutions Advanced Kiosks provides can improve security, save time and costs, enhance efficiency, provide valuable data insights, project a professional image, ensure compliance, and offer customization options for businesses. Contact one of our experts for additional information. And as always, we offer our clients 24/7 support!

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