Visitor Management System Questionnaire

Thank you for expressing interest in our Visitor Management Software. To ensure that our software meets your specific needs, we have prepared a questionnaire to gather information about the features you require and the instructions on providing information for each feature.

Your responses will enable us to tailor the software to match your unique requirements, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your lobby operations. Please take a few moments to answer the following questions regarding the desired features and their respective instructions.

"*" indicates required fields

KIOSK VISITOR GREETING: Do you require the Kiosk Visitor Greeting feature for your lobby?
Max. file size: 50 MB.
BUILDING WIFI QR CODE: Would you like the Kiosk to show a building Wi-Fi QR code?
KIOSK ADVERTISING SPACE: Would you like to reserve some space in the menu for advertising?
KIOSK ADVERTISING SPACE (continued): If 'Yes', do you need those advertising images created?
Max. file size: 50 MB.
SEARCH & CONTACT A PERSON OR BUSINESS: Would you like for the Kiosk to search and connect with individuals and/or businesses?
SEARCH & CONTACT A PERSON OR BUSINESS (continued): If 'Yes', would you like to add pictures of people or company logos?
SEARCH & CONTACT A PERSON OR BUSINESS (continued): If 'Yes', would you like to import the contacts using a spreadsheet upload? (Note: Advanced Kiosks can provide an import sheet template)
CALL ANY PERSON OR DEPARTMENT: Do you require the ability to call or send a text message to a person using the kiosk?
CALL ANY PERSON OR DEPARTMENT (continued): If 'Yes', should the phone number be displayed on the screen?
CALL ANY PERSON OR DEPARTMENT (continued): If 'Yes', do you want a text message notification to be sent automatically to a person or the company when a visitor calls?
TRANSLATION ON DEMAND: Would you like for the kiosk user interface to have translation services accessible on demand?
WAYFINDING KIOSK WITH MAPS: Would you like to provide maps or directions to visitors using the wayfinding kiosk feature?
WAYFINDING KIOSK WITH MAPS (continued): Should the maps be static .jpg images or links to interactive map programs like Google Maps?
KIOSK ACCESSIBILITY FEATURES: Do you require an accessibility menu for the interactive interface?
KIOSK ACCESSIBILITY FEATURES (continued): If 'Yes', please check off the accessibility options would you like to include below:
ADMINISTRATION AND UPDATES: Are you interested in controlling the visitor management system and updating its displayed information through a visual WordPress interface?
STANDARD CONVENIENCE BUTTONS: Please select which (if any) standard convenience buttons you would like to include in your kiosk's user interface:
SOCIAL MEDIA QR CODES: Would you like to offer social media QR Codes for quick snap-and-go cell phone access?
3RD PARTY APPLICATIONS: Does your organization require integration with 3rd party applications?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.