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From Free Consultation Call to Final Delivery

Advanced Kiosks wants to ensure you understand and are comfortable with the process of getting your kiosks up and running. Below, we have outlined the Advanced Kiosks process from start to finish. Reach out today and a member of our team will help answer your questions and get your project started.

Advanced Kiosks Process Cropped


The very first step is the most instrumental. The value of automated self-service technology is directly linked to the value of the process that is being automated. The better you can define that process, the easier the entire sales cycle will be.

Be prepared for your assumptions and preconceived ideas to be challenged. As sales consultants, we’re going to have to ask hard questions about what you’re trying to do, where you want to do it, what kind of timeline you expect, and what your eventual ROI will be. Often, customers come to us and end up learning more about self-service technology (and their users!) than they ever imagined.

Once you have a clear idea of the problem you wish Advanced Kiosks to solve, it’s time to have a more in-depth conversation. This is an opportunity for our consulting team to learn about your project, its specifications, and any potential challenges that may come along the way.

It is also an opportunity for our customers to learn about kiosk hardware and software. Our team takes time to showcase some of the hardware options, features, and costs our products come with, and answers questions about software options, features, and costs. 

Kiosk sales process

The more you know about the capabilities and specifications of custom-built kiosk technology, the easier it will be to define the project scope together.

Following the consultation call, our team will start gathering documentation to send to you. Depending on the size and scope of the project, this might mean receiving a quote, a proposal, or a pricing sheet.

  • Quotes offer a concrete price range for large, complex projects. Quotes are the result of up-to-the-minute supply-side calculations we use to guarantee value for customers. As a result, they are only valid for a limited period of time.
  • Proposals are ideal when organizations want to compare project costs and outcomes between multiple vendors. Public infrastructure projects typically require multiple contractors to compete with one another before settling on a single vendor.
  • Pricing Sheets show an itemized list of products and services we can provide, along with their respective prices. They are ideal for small projects and tasks that do not require a great deal of custom work.

production process


Once the initial payment has cleared, our team gets working on fulfilling the promises made in our quote, proposal, or pricing sheet. This step is entirely dependent on the details and scope of the project agreed upon.

For instance, this might mean beginning to build customized software for a ticketing kiosk. It might mean developing an API to integrate the customer’s preferred payment platform. Whatever the most accessible and efficient starting point is, that is where we will begin the project.

While our UX designers and software engineers are working on creating digital processes that meet the project requirements, our hardware team is busy making sure the parts, components, and physical materials needed are ready.

This step is also entirely contingent on the project details. It may involve sourcing printed circuit board assemblies or building physical racks from scratch using our in-house 3D printer. Our hardware team is always looking for new opportunities to streamline production, ensuring fast, reliable manufacturing processes that meet project goals.

Once the software is ready for testing, we begin reviewing its performance and looking for opportunities to improve it. Our internal quality assurance team looks for bugs, interface problems, and other issues to make sure every end-users’ needs are fulfilled.

Kiosk Production Process

At this point, additional customization options may be discussed. This is a good time to send customization requests to our project manager. The software we build isn’t finished until it meets our customers’ requirements to the letter and adheres to stringent quality standards.

Once the software has been tested, reviewed, and confirmed, we’re ready to install it into the assembled kiosk. At this point, our hardware and software teams join forces to create a unified product designed to meet the specific needs laid out by our customer.

This process takes place on our assembly floor. None of our customized assembly projects are outsourced. This guarantees the highest standards of manufacture and allows us to offer a comprehensive workmanship guarantee for our products.

quality control and onboarding


At this point, you’re almost ready to start using your customized self-service kiosk. Our support team will walk you through the process of managing your new devices and help you take care of any final software setup issues that may arise.

Part of this step involves integrating the new software into your existing business framework. This can include establishing payment gateways, developing end-user onboarding resources, and training your employees.

Once your new automated self-service solution is integrated into your business systems, it’s time to talk about shipping and installation. We design our devices for plug-and-play functionality. All you need to do is provide us with information about where you want your new self-service kiosks to go. We’ll handle the logistics and offer installation support to make sure you can immediately start using them.

Onboarding Process

After a final slate of tests, we’re ready to ship your order. The moment your self-service kiosks arrive, you will be able to plug them in and present them to your users. Every aspect of the process has been exhaustively tested, so you can rest assured that your users’ tasks are being processed securely.

Ongoing Maintenance and Updates Included


Our responsibilities don’t end with the final shipment. Advanced Kiosks demonstrates its dedication to customer success through ongoing support, maintenance, and updates. Regulations change, businesses change, and end-user expectations change – we make sure that our customer’s self-service solutions enjoy continued support to accommodate those changes. Great customer support is the foundation for scalable, sustainable growth.