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Project: College uses kiosks to charge cellphones and display information

Project Overview: 

Lonestar State College was looking for a way to increase student and visitor experience. Advanced Kiosks worked with Lonestar to build a custom cell phone tray for seven of FreeStanding Kiosks.
The college was also interested in providing a go-to station for users to view local information, event promotion and display, and college updates with the Lobby Attendant software integrated with EventsNOW.

Kiosk Project Details:

The computer kiosk users are not only able to charge their cell phones and mobile devices on the kiosk but also view maps, wayfinding, directories and all events that are on campus. EventsNOW also allows users to access the app through their mobile device so that while their phones are charging they can collect the QR code and browse college events on the go.

Lone Star College


  • Student, Faculty and Visitor Engagement
  • Increase Student Awareness of Campus Events