Snap-On Tools

Project: Snap-On Tools Interactive Car Display

Project Overview: 

Snap-On Tools required an interactive kiosk that could be integrated with a damaged car display that lit up in certain spots to highlight specific trouble areas. The touchscreen solution lit areas of the display relevant to the problem needing solving. The display was enhanced with exciting sound effects and attractive custom visuals and a big hit at the show.

Kiosk Project Details:

Custom lighting elements and software had to be developed for this presentation on a very short deadline. The light strips were applied to an actual vehicle on display at the trade show and the kiosk interface allowed users to interact with the screen and corresponding lights would respond on the vehicle. This was a unique challenge and a successful promotional tool at the show.


Snap-on Tools


  • Engage with Trade Show Attendees
  • Interactive light up vehicle

Kiosk Models & Options: