ESPN / Sportscenter

Project: Three tower video wall kiosks

Project Overview: 

Facility managers at ESPN/Sportscenter were seeking a refresh of the entire video wall system in their lobby, including both hardware and the user experience. They wanted to utilize the same three towers to hold the new hardware and were open to any user interface refresh/update.

Kiosk Project Details:

Advanced Kiosks received approximately 400 mp4 video commercials from ESPN, tasked with creating a way for a visitor to efficiently interact with each of the towers, search for and watch videos of SportsCenter commercials. All of this had to be accomplished while maintaining Section 508 compliance for accessibility.

Technical requirements for the project included:

  • New computer hardware, including 55-inch monitors and server room computers for each tower.
  • Custom software to refresh and improvement of the digital experience.
  • Admin console for the curating of video content.
  • State-of-the-art security

While the production team worked on the project’s hardware side, the UX team worked on designing and developing the custom software used for the search and video interaction.

Read more about this project here.

Espn logo
Sportscenter Kiosks


  • Elegant presentation of 3 Tower Kiosks
  • Sportscenter video search & view
  • Backend software administration

Kiosk Models & Options:

  • Custom


  • Custom multi-video presentation
  • Interactive sports experience
  • Secure management software for video updates