Support Services

Advanced Kiosks offers a variety of kiosk support options to make your computer kiosk and self service solutions easy to get up and running and stay that way! If you have questions or problems, let’s get it resolved. Please review the following support options.

Technical Support

Technical Support is a necessary resource to have. Perhaps your organization doesn’t have a dedicated IT team, or maybe this is your first interactive kiosk project. Either way, we are proud of the products we make here at Advanced Kiosks and ready stand behind them all. Rarely are there problems with our kiosks, but when there is we’re ready to put on our capes and save the day.

AK Support – Includes the following:

  • Exclusive phone support code reserved for clients with AK Support. Experienced technicians monitor this line from 9 to 5 EST and will respond to calls in the order they are received.
  • Same day response to emails and support tickets.
  • Advanced Kiosks’ Technicians will use remote access to login to the kiosk system, find the problem and potentially fix it on the spot. This does require your permission to access the kiosk, your network and an active internet connection.
  • Priority processing of any hardware that needs repair.

AK Support is a fixed cost per kiosk and is renewed annually. We highly recommend this service for all kiosk purchases and genuinely appreciate the opportunity to help make your project a success.
Cost: $249 per kiosk per year.

How Support Works

Call Us

  1. Call our main number: 1(866) 783-3791
  2. Enter the supplied private code (AK Support Only):
  3. Option 2 to leave a message for the support team
  4. Provide the Kiosk Serial Number: xxxxxx

Email Us

  1. Send us an email:
  2. Provide the Kiosk Serial Number: xxxxxx

Create a Ticket

  1. Create a support ticket on our website or click here: Technical Support Ticket
  2. Provide the Kiosk Serial Number: xxxxxx

All service and support is subject to the Advanced Kiosks Terms and Conditions and our Warranty disclosure.  Please remember that we can only help you with the equipment and software that you purchased from us.  For help with other products, hardware or software, our goal is always to find a solution to your issue with a third party program or software, due to variables beyond our control of third party software & programs, we cannot guarantee a solution. Regardless of if a solution was able to be found or not rates for technical support of third party software/programs is subject to a charge of $160 per hour, a min of 15 min ($40) charge.

If you have questions, or you’re interested in our AK Support Service please contact your Sales representative at 1(866) 783-3791 Option 1.

Other Kiosk Support Services

At Advanced Kiosks we go above and beyond to provide the resources that make your project a smooth and pleasant experience. It is our mission to offer turn-key service and we have the reputation to back that up! Here are some of the ways we accomplish that:

Technical Sales Support

Have a question on any of our products or just not sure where to begin?
We are here to help! Our experienced and informed sales representatives are dedicated to guiding you to exactly the right solution for your organization.  Contact one of our project consultants either by submitting the Contact Us form, or give us a call at (603) 865-1000!

On-boarding and Configuration Service

Support with a personal touch to see your project through to completion! Once an order is placed, your kiosk project is assigned an AK On-boarding Specialist. This specialist will assist the customer in evaluating and preparing the site of the kiosk installation(s), perform kiosk software set-up and configuration, and manually inspect all kiosk hardware prior to leaving the factory. This individual monitors the process and offers personal assistance to ensure a successful self-service project launch!

*This service includes the first year of AK Support for one kiosk and is highly recommended for all customers that are new to interactive kiosks.

On-Site Installation Support

Our computer kiosks are designed to be extremely user friendly not just for the end user, but for those who need to administrate. Every kiosk is fully tested end to end before leaving the manufacturing facility and most new customers are up and running less than an hour with no assistance at all! In the rare instance that you do need help, we will coordinate getting you the guidance to be up and running in no time!

Onsite Support

For more complex installations or in the event that a customer has limited technical resources, Onsite Support Service may be required. Contact a sales representative to make arrangements to schedule a technical support representative to travel to your location. (additional charges apply)